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A friend to lean on

Updated on October 12, 2015

Forever Pleasant

I travel wings to the wind.

Where there is no road.

To where my thoughts dart.

I go to where hate lives

Guilt as company, searching for a friend.

I am firmly convinced nobody wants me.

Grieved for who I am,

I meant to bloom but forgot each morning to do so.

Like a pale manikin with luminous eyes and sparrow legs,

The gone years hug me.

I dash into the dark to places below the surface.

Where hate dominates

Searching for something.

I go searching for love and find you a friend.

Legs rooted to earth

Thumping new life as you ease in.

You go into my depths

Through which time has been escaping.

It is you who rescues me

Nursing hate, as one would a child.

A pair of empty wings and what's left of my tail,

My mind follows you,

Testing my steps like a child.

The power of calm is like a meditating silence.

Some moods are forever pleasant.

The only way there is by a friend to lean on.

A relaxed wind returns me to myself.

A small world you can almost control.

You articulate my moods

And shrug away its evils.


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