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A letter by a soldier to his Girlfriend.

Updated on December 21, 2011


Edward was a Captain in the Australian Regular Army. He had been serving in the army now for five years. He belonged to a well off family and could live a very happy life even without doing any job. But he still joined the army as it was his passion. Serving in the army was not a profession rather a passion for him. He was really successful in his short career so far and that is why he was chosen to be deployed in Afghanistan. He had a girlfriend is Australia whose name was Bella. They knew each for almost 3 years by the time Edward was posted to Afghanistan and they had real strong feelings for each other.


Edward had to stay in Afghanistan for two years. When in Afghanistan, even though it was impossible for him to take out time for personal life, he still managed it and used to write letters to Bella every now and then. Bella on the other hand replied to first few letters but after a month she stopped replying. Edward continued to write thinking that she might be very busy or there would be some valid reason behind her not replying. Edward had given the details of all his assets to Bella because she meant everything to him. Bella started misusing his assets and within no time transferred all the funds to her own account and Edward's accounts and assets were no more his now.

Then on one day, after 15 months of Edward's deployment, he received a letter from Bella. He was anxious and excited to receive it initially but was shocked immediately after reading what was written inside the letter. Bella told him that she no longer had interest in him and she can't be the girlfriend of a person who stays away for such long periods. She told him that she had a new boyfriend by then was happy and satisfied with what she had done. Bella also asked Edward to send her photograph back.Tears were coming out of Edward's eyes as he was going through these harsh words. But he tried to control himself and did not want his friends or subordinate soldiers to know that he was tensed or worried as it would affect their moral. He had a picture of Bella with him which he used to see daily before going to sleep and after getting up early in the morning. During that evening he went to one of his friends and requested him to bring the photographs of the sisters and wives of all the soldiers deployed with him.

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The final letter

It was not easy for Edward to deal with this situation and it never is for anyone who knows what true love means. But he still managed to hold himself together and after collecting a number of photographs from his colleagues, he put all these photographs along with that of Bella in an enveople alongwith two small lines and posted it to Bella. Bella after receiving the letter opened it and saw all the photographs and then went on to read the lines written on a small piece of paper.

"Dear Miss Bella, I have sent you the photographs of all of my girlfriends. I am sorry but I don't really remember who you are and which one is your photograph. You can look for your picture yourself and after finding it kindly post all the others photographs to me.

GOD Bless You, EDWARD!"

Find original letter here


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Obaid Fayyaz 

      9 years ago


    • MissFrost profile image


      9 years ago from 50% Island Girl, 25% East Coast Girl, 25% Country Girl

      Awesome short story! Voted up and funny!

    • Kris Heeter profile image

      Kris Heeter 

      9 years ago from Indiana

      A surprise ending to the story - I love it!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      aww its cute and funny!


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