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A look at true love and infidelity- Based on a scene from an episode of The Mentalist

Updated on June 1, 2012

Television mirrors real life in fascinating ways, and often, it teaches us some valuable lessons about life, love, sacrifice, etc. At the very least, it makes us think.

Crimson Casanova (Episode 14, Season 1) of The Mentalist is one such example. It shows a lonely, rich, married woman having an affair with a pick-up artist. Throughout the episode, the pick-up artist is shown to be giving tips on how to pick up women, and hitting on numerous women. Towards the end of the episode, series protagonist Patrick Jane brings him to his senses, making him see that a girl loves him despite how he is, and he was throwing that away.

After that comes the heart-warming scene, where Patrick Jane is shown to turn down two very hot women, stating that he is married, and showing them his ring.

For those who are not familiar with the show- Jane's wife and daughter were killed by a serial killer about five years prior to where the Pilot episode begins.

This highlights the striking contrast between true love and infidelity. On one side is a woman cheating on her husband because of loneliness, and a pick-up artist who sleeps with various women without any emotional connection to them. On the opposite side is the same pick-up artist, finally realizing the importance of love, and Patrick Jane, still in love with his deceased wife, after so many years.

While Patrick Jane is merely a fictional character, there are people like him throughout the world. Many men and women hold on to their feelings for their deceased (or sometimes divorced) spouses, and do no date again. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with dating and marrying again, some people choose not to. Many men and women cheat, but many do not, despite getting perfect opportunities to do so.

So why is this difference? Why do some people cheat, while some don't? Why do some people hold on to love, while some move on?

There are so many factors- loneliness, need for companionship, fun, excitement, desire to break the monotony of life, etc. but ultimately, it all comes down to the type of person one is, and the amount of love.

When two people are together, married or not, they can either grow closer, or drift apart with time. Again, a lot of factors influence them and ultimately lead to either scenario, but finally, it all depends on how much you love him/her, whether you are willing to hurt him/her by cheating.

And true love is a love that can sustain the temptation of cheating, despite everything- despite death. This love is simply beautiful.

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