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A pure thought is a women, Heaven. (Time and Grace)

Updated on June 17, 2015
GodsPoetNkosi profile image

Gods Poet Nkosi has been writing Poetry for the past 18 years. Writing can help you learn about your hidden desires and help you grow.

A pure thought is a woman, Heaven ( Grace and Time)


A pure thought is a woman, Heaven

A Pure Thought is a Women, Heaven.‎


‎‎This nigger is trying to make me jealous .

‎‎I love her.

Well I am attracted to her smile.

Her eyes glow and are full of life.

She is Beautiful.

I can't even comprehend her ‎worth‎.

Surely goodness dwells in her heart.

Her soul is God, creator of all that has life.

I want her yet I can never have her.

It is too good to be true.....

She posses such class.

She knows her worth.

She deserves all her heart desires. ‎

She sets my heart on fire, she must be an arsonist.

That is ok, she embodies all the elements of


Happiness is only a thought away.‎‎Never have I seen

soul so generous.

She does not believe in charity.

She shares what she has, with those that adore

her presence, the essence of loyalty.

Betrayal got a vicious left hook.

I had my floors.‎

I will still properly die broke.‎Yet because of your ‎deeds ‎

efforts and ways I know what love is.


This nigger is making me jealous......

See I learned that life has basic elements

circumstances which we are born into.

Heritage is our master.‎With time we can over ‎come

‎our disabilities.

Comfort our fear.

And nurture our dream.

‎When we start doubting ourselves the darkness

and weight of our situation clouds us.

Over powering our happiness.


‎Love is gentle.

Death is innocent.

‎Life is a lesson.‎

Mistakes guide us to become a better person

should ‎we pay close attention to them.

What does a Dove dream of?

Spreading ‎it's wings, gliding swiftly in the heavens‎.

Angels are created in the images of birds ‎for they live

in Heaven and the Earth at the same ‎time.

Is that not Beautiful?

Dreams.‎What is it that you dream of?

‎Will they surely bring you happiness?

Where do our dreams come from?‎

What does one do, when their dreams ‎Come to life?...


Memories of yesterday.

‎Our past is a shadow of today.‎‎

‎Be grateful.

Thankful. ‎For you are ‎made up of the content of

that which lies in your heart.

‎‎You are reality.

Keep dreaming.....

Dedicated to my little sister.‎Dr Bongiwe Ncala Tailane

May the brand New Child, which you shall

bring into this world.

Be happy may she have,‎‎Your courage wit and


May the Lord guide you.

May grace protect you and your

dearest loved ones.‎

Dr Pheko T‎ailane your husband.‎

Nkgwete Qwiddles your first born‎.‎A pure thought a

seed of Love.

Thankful for your In laws, prestige heritage.



Gods Poet Nkosi

‎‎Only you can nurture your dreams, with time.‎


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