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A pure thought is a women, Heaven. (Time and Grace)

Updated on June 17, 2015
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Gods Poet Nkosi has been writing Poetry for the past 18 years. Writing can help you learn about your hidden desires and help you grow.

A pure thought is a woman, Heaven ( Grace and Time)


A pure thought is a woman, Heaven

A Pure Thought is a Women, Heaven.‎


‎‎This nigger is trying to make me jealous .

‎‎I love her.

Well I am attracted to her smile.

Her eyes glow and are full of life.

She is Beautiful.

I can't even comprehend her ‎worth‎.

Surely goodness dwells in her heart.

Her soul is God, creator of all that has life.

I want her yet I can never have her.

It is too good to be true.....

She posses such class.

She knows her worth.

She deserves all her heart desires. ‎

She sets my heart on fire, she must be an arsonist.

That is ok, she embodies all the elements of


Happiness is only a thought away.‎‎Never have I seen

soul so generous.

She does not believe in charity.

She shares what she has, with those that adore

her presence, the essence of loyalty.

Betrayal got a vicious left hook.

I had my floors.‎

I will still properly die broke.‎Yet because of your ‎deeds ‎

efforts and ways I know what love is.


This nigger is making me jealous......

See I learned that life has basic elements

circumstances which we are born into.

Heritage is our master.‎With time we can over ‎come

‎our disabilities.

Comfort our fear.

And nurture our dream.

‎When we start doubting ourselves the darkness

and weight of our situation clouds us.

Over powering our happiness.


‎Love is gentle.

Death is innocent.

‎Life is a lesson.‎

Mistakes guide us to become a better person

should ‎we pay close attention to them.

What does a Dove dream of?

Spreading ‎it's wings, gliding swiftly in the heavens‎.

Angels are created in the images of birds ‎for they live

in Heaven and the Earth at the same ‎time.

Is that not Beautiful?

Dreams.‎What is it that you dream of?

‎Will they surely bring you happiness?

Where do our dreams come from?‎

What does one do, when their dreams ‎Come to life?...


Memories of yesterday.

‎Our past is a shadow of today.‎‎

‎Be grateful.

Thankful. ‎For you are ‎made up of the content of

that which lies in your heart.

‎‎You are reality.

Keep dreaming.....

Dedicated to my little sister.‎Dr Bongiwe Ncala Tailane

May the brand New Child, which you shall

bring into this world.

Be happy may she have,‎‎Your courage wit and


May the Lord guide you.

May grace protect you and your

dearest loved ones.‎

Dr Pheko T‎ailane your husband.‎

Nkgwete Qwiddles your first born‎.‎A pure thought a

seed of Love.

Thankful for your In laws, prestige heritage.



Gods Poet Nkosi

‎‎Only you can nurture your dreams, with time.‎


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