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A reason to love

Updated on September 24, 2014

At this moment

I praise the lord every time I see your face.
Let nothing get close to your place in my heart.
Just being around you surrounds my souls in pure bliss.
Even the breath from your lips are as pure as a baby kisses.
Your imperfections are the like a puzzle to personality
Perfectly fitting each other never to fit in another
We have met here today to come before god himself and tell him that on this
Tell him that at this moment I have found nobody
No creature
No object
That can surpass your beauty
That can surpass your tenderness
That can surpass the love you give to me
And from this moment
At this very time
I do
I do love you with every inch of my being
I do promise to sacrifice my pride in order to spend forever with you
Honey I do believe that you being my husband is the sole reason for my future happiness
I do

This is a photo of my cousin Alexis on her wedding day.
This is a photo of my cousin Alexis on her wedding day. | Source

Just falling

Step by step taking
The heat run across my head
As the breeze continues to slap my face
The rocks caresses my shoes
To hands in front of my body
And the wind catches me
Falls against me
And pushes against
Pulling me down
Soundless just falling

In my ruffled dress

Resting my head on her chest
As she caressed my knotted curls
Tears ran down the middle of the nose
And my cheek
On to her shirt
On to her chest
Then she fixed to ruffles of my dress
The heat causes me to slowly sweat
In my hair
On my head
On my chest
And she hums
And hums
And I rest my eyes
Her smell
That sweet smell of country yams
Danced in my nose
In my head
In my dreams
In my soul

A special love poem

A special love poem for you
I don't know if you got the clue
But I could never hide my love for you
Your very existence
Has been tattooed on my hearts wish list
Thats why I just can't understand this friendship
I dont think you really get this

because if you did you would end it

Allowing us both to win this.


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    • SilentMagenta profile image

      SilentMagenta 3 years ago

      Thank you

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 3 years ago

      Excellent thoughts Keneisha, thanks for sharing.