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A short romance novel

Updated on August 3, 2010
The love of my life, my friend
The love of my life, my friend

A romance novel usually has sex,rocknrolla, driving fast,intrigue,lust and finally a mystery

In every mystery every written to capture the interest of its readers has so many adventurous scenes of sex,lust,intrigue and most of the time someone gets shot.

I don't know about you but that's just to much to keep up with and its not necessary to have in a short story. There are only two things needed to have a successful romance and one of those things is my wife but she's not for sale. Its been my experience that everyone has a Mr. right or Mrs right also it depends on how you begin your journey into this important venture.

Now lets look at why most people get married, is it because of tradition,pressure from parents or some primal instinct feelings. Are people ready for marriage, have they saved enough money for a down payment on that big house with the white picket fence. I think not, in most cases young people I'm speaking about its the primal instinct that causes these two young people to merge as if this was a business deal between two large and powerful companies.

lets just talk about romance this word has a meaning of holding hands and staring into the eyes of the person you love dearly and just holding her while Barry White mumbles a few words in the dim background. This is best when you first get started because your relationship is so new and fresh her skin is so soft and when touches you its like an explosion of fine endorphins being released and smothering you with affection and dourest all at the same time. Take a minuet to calm down and wipe of your forehead and quiet dribbling on her collar dummy I was just kidding.

Now lets get back into the real world this is learned behaviour from the movies that you will be seeing shortly just hang in there for a while it going to be about a good six months before you can watch John Wayne.It takes a while for the happy couple to become a pliable pair who's best interest suits both of you. Oh hell first she says I think I'm going to have a baby, so your thinking to your self she thinks!. Well my young friend it was short honeymoon and now lets get down to business.

Let me ask you this, do you own a bass boat, do you like to hunt, how many guns do you have. well we will get to all these things real soon. After she decided she was going to have a baby my guess is that you will need one of those stupid little van type RVs, wow I know your about to put your foot square in your mouth right about now and say no-body's going to make me sell my truck. Well redneck how's that working you, I bet you haven't seen the inside of that metal flake red bass boat for about two months now, I hope you put gas stabilization in the fuel its going to be a while. Look I'm not trying to start any trouble but did you remember to spray your guns with Strike Hold, it will waterproof your guns for the long winter, oh hell no your not going hunting this year and leave me alone with the baby to fend for this is all your fault.

My, My, My, don't you wish you had just read the navel before you let that dam little thing get a mind of its own. Well dummy what are going to do now, its been a year now with no fishing,hunting or going out with the boys. Look don't make the same mistake so many others do,buy her something for her anniversary don forget it will be hell all over again.

OK,its been a year now and things are starting to calm down a little, you actually learned how to change diapers without pinching the kid and make bottles without using hot water now also, your coming along fine don't blow it now. Suggest a camping trip it will be good for the little lady to see the rest of the world and maybe I can teach her how to fish,,,,your getting close to the edge buddy slow down just a bit.I would suggest your first camping trip be in a motel, split the difference. I can only tell you when you take your wife camping or hunting which you may have to do sometime just because, don't make the same mistake I did and forget to pace your time in the woods. The setting was Lake City Florida in a swamp area between I75 and Jacksonville,Fl. It was a very cold 28 deg night I don't think there was a moon or star in the sky.My wife was nestled between me and a friend of mine who was worthless in the woods. Luckily we had a book my wife was reading so the pages were dry enough to start a fire on the little eight foot square piece of ground we found that was dry. The campfire melted my shoes and I lost two knives during the night. Now usuall first break of light should have been a joyous occasion but we were only about 50 foot from the road and my truck, true story.

Now I assure you there were other moments of pure joy in our life so you must work on yours a little bit harder. No matter what you do always include your wife. eventually she will start staying home and leaving your devices to you and your friends. now your on your way to a lasting relationship,hers and yours, just don't forget to always wish her a happy birthday without reminding her of her age. And of by the way the lady hanging on the edge of the snow cliff is Jane, my wandering  wife. She can do no wrong,


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