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Abusive Relationship Signs That You Should Avoid

Updated on October 10, 2013

If you have recently been going steady with someone you met five months ago and notice a few red flags like abusive relationship signs, you need to be careful in continuing the relationship. Women and both men tend to fall head over heels first and worry about issues later. Often, our hearts will trick us while our logic tells us that a person will continue with unacceptable behavior. For example, if your boyfriend has been telling you what to wear and not letting you do certain things, this is a sign of controlling behavior that should not be tolerated.

Instead of fighting his behavior, you should simply leave the relationship. The signs may be small but it may lead to something greater like physical abuse. There have even been many women who have been killed in domestic violence, especially during the end of the relationship. You hear about it in the news all the time and it is incredibly sad. Most of these women try moving on with their lives while men have the “it’s me or nothing” attitude. This is extremely dangerous and you may be able to save your life by avoiding the abuse before it starts.

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Signs of abusive relationship

Before you enter into any relationship, you first need to determine what are the signs of abusive relationship problems. Let’s say for example, over dinner - your boyfriend say’s that he does not want you visiting your mother’s house any more and leaving him alone. While you might think that he misses you insanely, he is just trying to seclude you from your family because of his insecurities. It’s also important to know that we are not excluding genders here although men are typically the ones who will be abusive. There are some women who are also abusive. Here are a few warning signs to watch out for when dating someone:

  • See how they treat other people. What type of words do they use? Do they get mad at others that they don’t know easily?

  • Check to see if they have any type of criminal background before dating them. A well brought up child usually is not the type to abuse their spouse or girlfriend later.

  • Is the person you are seeing someone who raises their voice often? This is an indication that they are more likely to scream at you or others.

  • Are they incredibly controlling? Maybe they do not let you go out at certain times. The behavior may seem manipulative so watch out.

  • Is there any type of alcohol abuse going on? How often do they drink? Chances are, if they have more than one beer each night, we have a problem.

What is an abusive relationship?

An abusive relationship is defined as physical, verbal, or mental abuse. Even though some women and men are not bruised by their partners, they may be verbally abused. Have you ever encountered that screaming and nagging girlfriend? Maybe it got to the point where you came home one night from work and she began to hit you. The next day you had a couple of bruises. As a man, you didn’t feel the need to tell anyone this or alert authorities. This is the worst thing you can do because it simply tells your lady that she can do this anytime she wants. You must put your “macho” appearance behind you and ask for help.

Much of the time we see a pattern occur. The relationship is doing fine until the couple gets into a verbal fight. It often escalates into physical abuse and the woman is always comforted in a manipulative way. This is the “makeup stage” where the man does whatever he can so he doesn’t lose her. He knows the way he has been acting is wrong and doesn’t want to deal with police, her friends, or even losing her for good.

Before you get into any relationship, identify abusive relationship signs early before it is too late to get out.

Story of Kate Elizabeth - A woman who’s face was ruined by acid

She is also known as “Katie Piper” and was a former model in England, UK. Her goal was to have a full time career working as a model, however her “accident” in 2008 stripped her of her doll-like complexion. Actually, she still looks very beautiful despite her accident.

On March 2008, Katie’s ex boyfriend who goes by the name of “Daniel Lynch” had an accomplice throw sulphuric acid into her face one day when she was walking along the street. His accomplice was Stefan Sylvestre who at the time, helped him carry out this horrible act.

Poor Katie was treated at the Westminster hospital that day and all of her skin had been removed. They actually had to rebuild her face, adding a skin graft. This was one of the first procedures to be completed in just one operation.

You can look at Youtube videos that explain what Kate Elizabeth went through. If only she had identified that this man was physically abusive, she may have been able to save her face. This is why as woman and even men, we need to pay attention to the smallest signs of physical or verbal abuse.


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