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Accidential Love

Updated on September 10, 2010
Falling in Love By Accident is the Best Kind of Love!
Falling in Love By Accident is the Best Kind of Love!

It's The Best Love Ever!

Accidental love is the best love ever. Think of when you either said, “I’ve decided to be by myself for a while,” or “I don’t want to be with anyone at all.” One day that special person blind sided you and swept you right off your feet.

Remember seeing that unexpected person for the first time and running back to tell all your friends about that person. Telling your friends, I don’t know how it happened, but this is the one.

Accidental love is the most innocent and pure love that you can have. It’s so special because it wasn’t really meant to happen and some how it did and it was the best trip you have ever taken.

Think of it this way, you jump into your car and are driving down a scenic route not knowing where you will end up. However, you love the ride every step of the way. When you finally arrive at your destination, you see the most beautiful scenery that just takes your breath away. You are so happy you didn’t think about stopping, you kept driving let loose and went for it.

This person you never knew, never thought of, has turned your life around. Made you begin to think of love in a way you never imagined. Inspired you in such a way you never imagined could happen to you. This is the person that began to take you places in a relationship no one has ever taken you. All you now think about is, you want to walk with them, laugh with them and even give up those special secrets with them. They made you feel like you make a difference. Even though you are a little afraid, you feel you need this person and wish they will always protect you.

One day you had a dream that you would never hurt again. Someone would make you so secure and feel so loved. Someone would view only your heart as the most precious gem they could or would ever posses. There it is… Accidentally you fell for this person.

Just when you washed your hands of it all and gave up, you were sent the most endearing person you ever thought you could meet. In the beginning you can’t believe it and don’t trust it. That person is so caring and won’t give up. Little by little your barriers start coming down. Your heart opens more and more. You look forward to midnight talks and walks. You find yourself being happy again.

You went with this accidental love and find out it was this person who has turned your entire being around. This person has filled your life with a joy one could only dream of. This person eased your every concern in a way no one has ever cared to. This person filled a gap you pushed so far down you never thought it could be reached again.

Yes, this is an accident you can only pray and say thanks for it to have happened to you. An accident you only wish others can feel. An accident that turned into a relationship meant to last forever!


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