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Activities Worth Adding in your Relationship Bucketlist

Updated on March 26, 2016

Relationship Bucket List

Relationship bucket list is just like making a "To Do List" except that you and your partner decide what you put in it and cross it out whenever both of you have done the things on the list together. This bucket list is quite essential for those having a problem in keeping the relationship healthy because this gives your relationship a set of goals (giving the relationship more meaning), breaks the monotony (makes the relationship more exciting), and develops a greater bond (giving the relationship a deeper foundation) between two lovers.


Travel to Different Places

This is a no-brainer for any relationship bucket list. Travelling to different places is really great in spending time and memories in your relationship. What's more; there is just no end in places you can think of visiting, meaning after crossing out a finished goal, you can add another one:) Here are some suggestions you can put on your bucket list:

- Theme parks or Amusement parks: As the name suggests, these places offer various forms of entertainment, like rides, games, shows and more. Most of these amusement parks tend to focus on a certain theme thus each park you will visit will have a different feel. These places are best if you would like to travel with your children or both of you just want to revive the child inside of you. Click below for a list of world famous theme parks you might want to add to your bucketlist!


- Mountains (Hiking) and Adventure parks: If you and your partner are the nature adventure types then I suggest hiking on different peaks. This activity will not only develop your resourcefulness and survival skills but also foster your trust and dependence on each other. For those who do not have enough time for a hike then you might want to try adventure parks, it is much like an amusement park but the entertainment sets are more like an obstacle set that challenges both your mental and physical abilities. Click below for some hikes you want to add to your bucketlist!


- World Famous Tourist Spots: If you and your partner wants to go on a classic date; that normally includes sight seeing, dining and taking pictures then you may want to add world famous sight seeing destinations. Click below for a list!


- Well-known Restaurants: To make a moment more memorable you may want to add fine to the word dining. Anyone will surely enjoy food trips especially when it tastes good! Also eating a famous dish (trademark dish) of the area your visiting completes the experience of travelling to it. Click below for a list of famous restaurants.


- Shops: Are you and your beloved shopaholics? If yes, then going to shops maybe the best option for you. There are many types of shops to choose from, such as; antique shops, thrift shops, clothing shops, souvenir shops, online shops, boutiques and even malls. This activity will not only develop your haggling skills but will also help you and your partner in making decisions together and respecting each others decision. Also in going to shops, you may discover a lot of things about your partner such as their preferences, budgeting skills and more.

- Museums: Some people may find this boring but going to museums may be a worthwhile place to have a date. Aside from the various exhibits to gaze upon, museums offers you a calm atmosphere that will make talking to your partner more enjoyable and may enable you to show your smart side (if you have one). Click below for a list of museums you may want to add to your bucketlist.


Taste Different Kinds of Food

The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. Since you and your partner will have to eat a lot of meals together, why not make it part of your bucket list? This activity will not only enhance your tummy size but also gives you more time to talk in the dining table and (hopefully) delightful relationship memories.

Cook food - Well, there is really two ways on getting your food, it is either you buy it ready made or cook it. Cooking your food might need a lot of skills depending on what your cooking and is also time consuming so it is not fit for those with tight schedules but if you can find the time, cooking with your partner will be really fun. Also, the feeling of accomplishing things together (no matter how it taste) will surely develop your bond.

Go street food hopping - As the name suggests, street food hopping is buying and eating foods from street vendors. These activity is well fit for couples who will meet up on short period of times or those who travel together and eat on the way to work. Street foods vary per country/area thus you and your partner may also add different street foods around the world.

Attend Special Events

Movies - Let's start with a simple rare event, watching movies. Well the cinemas are always there but what makes it rare is the chance to see a certain movie in a theater/cinema. Watching movies is a common past time and dating activity yet it is versatile enough that you can watch movies depending on your mood. Time together and doing things together is a basic of every good relationship thus it is a good add to your bucket list. Also there are unlimited movies to add to your bucket list.

Concerts - So far, everyone I know likes music, and I guess you and your partner must be a fan of a music artist or band, yeah? If you are, then you can add watching their concerts into your bucket list.


Natural phenomena - There are a lot of beautiful natural phenomena that you wont believe exists until you see them with your own eyes. I personally suggest that if you and your partner have the time, you must see, if not all, one or two of them. These scenes may or may not last too long for everyone to see, so quickly add them to your bucket list. Some famous examples are the Northern Lights in Norway, Glowing beach in Maldives, see more from the link below:

Festivals - These events usually happen only once a year making these events rare. There are various kinds of festivals to attend with the various cultures to see around the world. These festivals maybe about a God, fertility, harvest or even beer but one thing is for sure these events are meant to be fun. Click below for a list of festivals you might want to add to your bucket list:

Outreach events - If you and your partner are quite fortunate and you want to share your blessings then you may want to join, or even host, outreach events. If you want to give back to other people you can do outreach programs involving orphans, disabled or old people. If you like animals you can spend a day at a homeless dog center or even help wildlife experts on protecting endangered species. Or if you are nature lovers then you can join a simple tree planting or park cleaning.


Build Things Together

As you may have noticed, all the items listed above are more on exploring and experiencing things, nothing serious. But if you and your partner is mature enough and have deep trust with each other, then you may want to start building things together.

Build a Family - If you trust and love each other truly then you ought to build a family sooner or later. This is the most basic and essential thing to build yet the most delicate and hard. If you feel that you and your partner are not that mature yet, then you may try adopting a pet dog or a cat, so that you may feel the joy and responsibilities of taking care of a young one. For more tips on building a family see the links below.

Build a House - Well I know everyone has a dream house, I am not saying that you build your house yourself (though you can actually do that) but you design it yourself (consult some engineers though). Making a design and lay-out for your dream house is fun, although an extravagant house needs extravagant money too. Also after building the house exterior then you can design the house interior yourself. Buying furniture and other aesthetic items is a good bonding activity for you and your partner.

Build a Business - This might be a taboo for others since some of us believe that we should never do business with our family members or close friends (since it may be a cause of distrust that breaks most of relationships) but if you are confident enough that you wont lose your trust to something as trivial as money then you and your partner can start a business. Starting a business is a whole lot of experience for you and your partner, you will experience together the ups and downs of economy, to the point that you can go bankrupt or succeed in your business ventures.

Add to our bucket list!

So here you have it, a list of things to add up to your relationship bucket list, do you have any more suggestions? Then hit the comments. Cheers!


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