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Advantage of the Law of Attraction

Updated on May 25, 2011

Law of Attraction

You Can Take Advantage of the Law of Attraction Every Day

The law of attraction is said to be the most powerful universal law; it operates at all times, in all circumstances, with or without our conscious acknowledgement. Even those who consciously dismiss the concept of law of attraction are nonetheless subject to the laws. Our dominant thoughts and state of mind attract like circumstances, people, physical environment and other thoughts.

Scientific study of Quantum Physics explains that subatomic particles are indeed states of vibrating energy. All material things are at their most minute level, states of energy, vibrating at varying frequencies. Thoughts are states of vibrating energy attracting like energy. Our subconscious thoughts are constantly attracting their equivalent. Like attracts like.

Those wanting to purposely attract abundance in the areas of health, positive relationships, new careers and satisfying experiences may put the law of attraction into practice by endeavoring to consciously focus on what they would like to actually manifest in their lives.

Suggested strategies to accomplish this involve regularly and consistently programming the conscious and subconscious mind. Do this by reading and listening to recorded books on the subject of attraction, as well as subjects such as success and goal achievement. 

Visualization is also valuable attraction technique. On the subconscious level, our brains do not distinguish between actual and imagined events. Daily commitment to visualizing our desired experiences as though they were already realized is very powerful. It is important to think and see not what we would like to change, but to see and feel that we already possess that which we desire. So that our focus in not on the lack, thereby attracting more lack. Concentrating on what we don’t have will attract more of the state of not having, rather than the desired experience itself. Don’t think, “I want more money”, which focuses on not having enough money. Instead think, see and feel, “I have plenty of money”.  Even be very specific about the amount of money, the type and color of car, outcome of a planned conversation, etc.

The object is to create a state of mind, a state of being that accepts and expects that you have all that you desire. Spend some time every day visualizing, thinking and feeling the feelings that come with having the objects, relationships and experiences of your desires. Accept and expect that all of your desires are met and the law of attraction will be constantly at work in your favor.

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