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Advantages of being single – Your life is your life

Updated on August 13, 2012
Enjoy singledom while you can - make the most of being single and enjoy your freedom before you are bound into the beautiful twines of a relationship
Enjoy singledom while you can - make the most of being single and enjoy your freedom before you are bound into the beautiful twines of a relationship | Source

Did you think singledom was all about being alone, lonely and depressed? Think again. Being single is a fun phase of life that we all go through. Some of the most fun memories that you will hold for life will be the crazy things you did while you were single. Remember these fabulously cool advantages of being single, and don't let anyone ever tell you that being a single guy or a girl is boring.

1) Advantage of being single: You have more mobility

Thinking of moving to the sunny beaches of California for a few years, just for the heck of it? Planning to take up an internship in a boutique designer house in Paris for a year or two? Or would you want to take some time off and go to a remote country to help the needy and volunteer? All these thoughts or ideas that require you to be mobile are instantly possible and easier to implement when you are single. This includes moving interstate or even moving countries for the benefit and progression of your career without carrying emotional baggage. No doubt, if you are in a relationship, you will think twice, thrice and many more times before moving away from your partner.

2) Advantage of being single: You are free to mingle with the opposite sex without consequences

If you are a socially active person, being single is a big boon. If parties, social gatherings and other such outings are a staple in your life, you will find that being single ahs its own advantage. You can mingle, talk and engage in interactions with a person of the opposite sex without having to worry about how your partner will react to your rendezvous, whether intimate or not.

3) Budget for one person: You spend less

One of the most pocket friendly advantages of being single is that you need to budget for yourself, only. You will not need to have a monthly budget for those mandatory romantic dates and outings with your partner. Nor will you need to keep money aside for gifts for birthdays and the other celebratory days in yours and your partner's lives. It really does not matter if your partner is financially independent from you because they, men and women alike, will surely expect you to pamper them with gifts, romantic dates and a lot of love! So whether you want to live paycheck to paycheck, or you want to be a miser and save up for you next big purchase, the choice is yours.

4) Lower social impact: Spend less time worrying about trivial social matters

Introverts will love this benefit of being single because it means that there will be a lower social impact on life, than what you'd have if you are in a relationship. Fewer social meetings, fewer acquaintances to keep in touch with and less social pressure is what you get when you are alone. People who are in a relationship have to deal with the exact opposite of what we laid out above because it generally means dealing with the social aspect of an extra person in your life.

5) Get more time for yourself: Indulge in some self pampering

Do you like to be left alone for a few hours while you read up on your favorite book? Do you hate being disturbed while you play your favorite video game on a Sunday afternoon? If you do, being single is definitely the way to go. Being in a relationship will mean that you will need to sacrifice some of your own 'alone time' and spend more time with your partner.

6) Choose your own accommodation

If you are a girl involved in a committed relationship with a guy, chances are that your guy will probably not like it if you choose to share an apartment with a hot guy. Vice versa, if you are a guy, your girl will not approve of you sharing an apartment with a hot girl. When you are single, you can choose to live where you want and with whom you want.

7) Stop being jealous: Rid your mind of feelings of jealousy

Jealousy is a feeling that affects almost everyone in a relationship. Think of it as a something that comes along in the bundled package of a relationship. Being single, you can stop being jealous and neither will you have a possessive partner to deal with. No longer do you need to worry how your partner will behave or interact with friends or office colleagues, and vice versa.

8) Get more privacy in life

Do you have habits that you think others may mock, or find weird? If you are in a relationship, chances are that you and your partner will spend a fair amount of time together. All your habits will be exposed and you will be stripped of all your privacy while you are together. While you are single, your privacy is yours to have. You can do whatever you want in the confines of your home with not a worry in the world. Your habits, as weird as they may be, are free to be continued as long as no one watches.

9) Do what you want: There is no one to tell you what to do

A recent Levi's denims commercial carries the tag line 'Your life is your life'. This couldn't apply more to anyone else that people who are single. The reason is quite simple. When people are in a relationship, they would want their opinions and thoughts to influence the actions of their partners, even if in the most minuscule ways or the rarest moments. Don't get it wrong, this is not a bad thing. In fact, this is pleasures of life that only people in a relationship will experience. But if you are in a stage of life where you want to live alone, be alone and do what you want and when you want, being single may seem like the way to go. At least for the moment.

10) Life is less complicated

This advantage of being single is a bit vague, but only people who've been in and out of relationships will know what 'Life is less complicated' means when it comes to the thought of being single. When you are in a relationship, your mental, physical and emotional stability depends on the thoughts, ideas, behavior and personality of your partner too. You will be the pillar of support your partner will lean on to during bad times.

Think of it like this. Take all the problems you have in your own life and multiply them by two. That's what you will face while being in a relationship. Don't get it wrong. Some of the best joys of life are hidden in these tricky situations. But if you are single right now, take full advantage of a life less complicated, and enjoy it while you can.


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    • JoEndeavor70 profile image


      6 years ago from Oklahoma

      Agreed. You don't have to be married to be happy and fulfilled. I'm 40 something, never married. Not opposed to it, just haven't met anyone that I want to marry. So, in the meantime, I continue to live! I make more friends, travel to new places when I can afford it, and love hanging with my family. For those who married early in life and are still in love, kudos!! For those who married early in life and are going through mid-life crises, I'm sorry, and thank God it's not me!!

    • Cherrietgee profile image


      7 years ago from Illinois

      I really needed to read this. I think I'm going to bookmark this one, so I can come back to it from time to time. Sometimes, I feel personally attacked when people make comments that life is SOOO much better when you're married. I know that there are both benefits and disadvantaages to each side. One of my married friends actually told me that she was jealous of me for many of the benefits that were listed here. If I remember my conversation with her and recall the benefits listed here, I'll be one content single!

    • Tonipet profile image

      Tonette Fornillos 

      7 years ago from The City of Generals

      Hi Princess,

      It's true, many look at single women as less than whole if they're not attached. But I guess these views are just that out of date. They yet have to understand how we value coming home to silence where no one tells us what to do, when we're simply free cook and eat what we like and free to keep the lid up if we want to. There's this personal peace of mind and my life is also as nothing short of serenity. Of course, LOVE is much welcome! Enjoyed reading your hub, interesting, just voted up!

    • princesswithapen profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago


      "..I'm much more content now than I was then.." I think you've hit the nail on the head with this line. Life is all about being content and drawing happiness from what you are. Relationships are indeed tough to maintain and being in one with the wrong person can make life look very bleak. Awesome comment, 5 stars to you!


      Yep, being able to mingle without consequences is a solid advantage of being single. The irony is, however, that mingling too much can often lead from being single to being in a relationship! haha! Jokes aside, yes, freedom and individuality are two 'fun benefits' of being single.

    • princesswithapen profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi amymarie

      I have to agree with you that people can be judgemental towards singles. Don't let what others think get the better of you. Ultimate happiness lies in doing what we love doing. Thanks for a lovely comment and sharing your insight with the readers.


      Wow thanks heaps for your appreciation. I love it when I get realistic feedback from readers. I'm glad you liked this hub.

      Vinaya Ghimire

      Appreciation about perception and views coming from an intellectually driven person like you is truly heart warming. Thanks a lot!

      Hi Ruchi Urvashi

      Just like there are advantages and disadvantages of being in a relationship, there are ups and downs of being single. What you have on one side of the river is missing on the other side, and vice versa.

    • lzlpio90 profile image


      7 years ago

      This is so true! I totally agree with you girl. You all have your time and you didn't have to rely your schedules with the other party. You always can say "I'm single and ready to mingle!" LOL... Very interesting!!!

    • Robwrite profile image


      7 years ago from Oviedo, FL

      Great hub; Lots of good points. I was with someone for 11 years and now I'm in my 40s and alone, but I'm much more content now than I was then. People seem to look down on me as being strange that I'm still single at my age but relationships are tough and unless you find the right person, you may as well not be involved with anyone.

      Well done hub,


    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 

      7 years ago from Singapore

      As a single, there are lot of benefits. However, as a married woman, I would say that benefits are hundred times. Yes, there is less time but at the end of the day, there is somebody to hug and share your joys. Time spent on relationships bears sweet fruits. Freedom is more enjoyable when there is somebody waiting for you.

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      7 years ago from Nepal

      Your perception is very interesting. I enjoyed reading your views. I'm single and I'm enjoying my life fully.

    • Senoritaa profile image

      Rinita Sen 

      7 years ago

      Agree with amymarie. People need to realize that being single is not shameful. Let us be!

      Loved your hub. All great points. Especially liked points 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9. All votes!

    • amymarie_5 profile image

      Amy DeMarco 

      7 years ago from Chicago

      I'm 36 and still single. People can be very judgemental towards me. They think either something is wrong with me or that I'm to be pitied. Some people assume I'm jealous of them and a co-worker actually asked me if I was gay. I get a little tired of it. I like being single, it's other people that try to bring me down that I don't like.

      I needed to read this. Thanks for writing it. :)


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