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Single versus Being in a Relationship: Best 17 Reasons to Enjoy Being Single

Updated on February 19, 2013

Pressure from sociological forces such as TV programming, movies, advertising, family, and friends dictate that you must pair off for a long-term relationship and join the herd or "couples only" club.

While this is easy for those who happen to be fated to have a relationship with a compatible, long-term partner, what about everyone else? Based on our extensive empirical research, you meet who you're meant to meet when you're meant to meet them. For those who don't meet "the one" before age 30, 40, or whatever other age they feel they're supposed to secure a "permanent" partner, it can cause a lot of anxiety and even depression.

If you're single, rather than focusing on what you don't have in your love life, we recommend embracing the benefits; there are many of being on your own, and we list some of them below.

1) Freedom. As a single person, you can do what you want, when you want. Yes, in a karmic sense, everything you do, say, and intend comes back to you either in this life and more often in a future life, but when you're single you aren't accountable to anyone else.

2) No compromising. Even people in compatible relationships need to compromise occasionally. As a single person, you don't need to surrender anything unless you choose to.

3) More time to focus on other areas of your life. Career, health, friendship, and other goals can take center stage with all the energy you need to accomplish them.

4) No in-laws. As a single person, there are no obligations to spend time with people you may not really want to.

5) Solo vacations are fun (you meet more people).

6) If you live alone, your space is yours to do with as you please.

7) You can live out your fantasies, within ethical and legal boundaries, and no one will try to stop you or tell you that you are "wrong" if they don't happen to agree.

8) You never have to deal with telling someone it's over and having them try to guilt you into staying together.

9) No pressure to perform in bed when you don't feel like it.

10) You can flirt with anyone you want and not feel guilty.

11) You never have to be concerned or anxious about whether or not your partner is living up to his or her promises when you're not around.

12) You can be intimate with who you want, when you want (responsibly and safely, of course).

13) Being single means you're operating in your flow, at your pace, and you're not psychically blown off course by another person.

14) No pressure to do what you're "supposed to" do on holidays (e.g., Valentine's day, etc.).

15) No emotionally unhealthy reliance on others to be your "everything," which always leads to disappointment, or pressure from another to fulfill all their needs.

16) Your money is your money and you aren't responsible for a partner who may not make good financial choices.

17) Everyone changes and evolves at different rates. Because you're single, you don't have to put your relationship ahead of your spiritual growth, or feel guilty about leaving a partner behind if they choose not to be the best they can be or if you've grown apart to the point of no return. If you mistakenly buy into the myth that you need a partner to be happy, being single can be lonely at times. But on a spiritual and soul level, you are never really alone, so enjoy your days of being single while you can.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Wow. Just wow. This article could have been written by me if I had the courage. Very a relationship now where I am thoroughly longing for those 17 things.

    • profile image

      Shane 6 years ago

      After these 17 reasons, I start to thinking about breaking up with my girlfriend. We have been in the relationship for a year and a half and seems its doesn't work well with us. Will post letter how I'm going with this.

    • profile image

      pete 6 years ago

      Your right single is the way to go in braking up tonight. I need to search my soul its so hard but I need to do it.

    • profile image

      cortieg 6 years ago

      I hate the term single and alone. Friendships are just like relationships, just without sex. A lot of the time going from long term relationship to long term relationship can hinder strong friendship bonds. If one keeps tight family and friendship ties then being alone or "lonely" shouldn't be a problem... the only thing lacking would just be the physical connection mixed with the strong sense of emotional loyalty. However, making true, long friendships can be just as difficult as finding a mate though.

      Thanks for your article!

    • Kind Regards profile image

      Kind Regards 7 years ago from Missouri Ozarks - Table Rock Lake

      scottpetullo, Perfect list and exactly why I love being single and alone. Kind Regards

    • profile image

      Kegomoditswe Gaodumelwe 7 years ago

      Yeh z kool 2 be single since you aclimatised......

    • Miss Info profile image

      Miss Info 7 years ago from New York City


    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Dont read my name! 7 years ago

      It seems like you're never happy. You know like when you're in a relationship you secretly miss being free. And when you are single you have all this freedom but you're also kinda lonely :(

    • kimcnoche profile image

      kimcnoche 9 years ago

      This is a great hub! Yes being single is okay. But we can't deny the fact that it's also sad. Sometimes you want to cry but no one is there to dry your tears.

    • profile image

      Fiction Writer 9 years ago

      Great Hub Scott! I know so many people who settle just so they can have someone in their life. I'd rather be single and happy then married and miserable. I agree with you regarding the social pressure and media messages that equate romantic relationships with living happily ever after. My teenage daughter is already feeling the pressure to date even though she's not emotionally ready. I think it's more important she find herself at this age then find a boyfriend.