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Advice On How To Get A Girlfriend

Updated on July 25, 2011

There are 5 steps to getting and keeping a girlfriend

First you have to be comfortable enough with yourself to not fear rejection from women. If you take every NO personally and as a rejection of your masculinity and personality then you’ll never hold onto a girlfriend, never mind getting one. Relationships are complicated beasts and if you can’t handle the down parts of life you’ll never reach the ups either.

Secondly, you have to be a good listener but not a pushover. Women, girlfriends especially, respect men that can hold their own and understand how they need to interact with others. If a guy let’s his girlfriend walk all over him, she’ll soon grow bored and look for a guy that offers her a challenge.

Thirdly, know where you’re going in life, have a plan. Getting a girlfriend, while an honourable pursuit, is not the end of the path for you, it’s just one stepping stone to where you’ll end up. Life will throw you curves and challenges all the time, the bright points don’t last long and are often over before you even understand that they are happening. If you know where you’re going and it’s a positive place, then any girl will be happy to join you on the walk. If you have no clue where you’re going, well, no one ties themselves to a rudderless boat, so why should you expect things to be different for yourself? Your mother might have told you that you’re a special person but to women you’re just another guy in a long list of guys, so buckle up and get your engine started for the race ahead. Everyone loves a winner and you’ll need to be the winner that women love to be with if you really do want a girlfriend.

Fourthly, you need to be able to take care of yourself to show that you can take care of someone else. If your hygiene is bad or you dress like a slob or if you have a dead-end job (or no job at all) how will anyone respect you enough to date you? You need to be able to make decisions, you need to be able to meet challenges and exceed expectations. If you need more education to get a better job and make more money, then do it. If you need more money to afford better clothes, then get a second job. Life doesn’t offer anyone handouts or freebies, you have to earn what you get to keep.

And finally, the fifth thing you need to know about getting a girlfriend is that words are cheap. Saying I love you doesn’t mean anything unless it’s followed by the actions that show it’s true. If you have a girlfriend that you argue with then apologize later, then another time do it again, does your apology mean anything? No, of course not, because your later actions showed that the words were empty of meaning. Love isn’t just an emotion, it’s an action too.

I hope you can grasp the ideas and points I’ve made here because if you want something then you have do to something to get it in this life.


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