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Advice & Tips on How to Make Your Realtionship Last!

Updated on August 17, 2012

Relationships are hard at times but the small things count. When a relationship begins you laugh, hold hands, go on dates and you treat your bf/gf how they want to be treated. The problem is, after a few months go by, things start to change. The Lovey Dovey stuff slows until it stops.

Many of my friends ask me how I keep my relationship going ♥hot & heavy♥. To be honest, it's hard to do at times. My man goes to work before the sun comes up and doesn't get home until after the sun goes down. Working that long everyday makes it quite difficult to keep a relationship from falling apart. There is barely any time for us to spend together and when we do have a chance, he is worn down and tired from work.


Being a housewife isn't ideal for me but it DOES leave me time to come up with ways of keeping my relationship happy and healthy.

Here are a few tips that have helped me, hopefully they are just as successful for you wonderful ladies!

♦Cook him a nice romantic dinner, dim the lights and maybe play some slow sensual music. After you eat, run a nice hot bubble bath (yes men likes bubble baths too) & add a few aphrodisiac oils with candles. You might even add a glass of wine or two while you soak.

♦Surprise him with a hot oil massage and wear something sexy (or nothing at all!) Be creative but also be yourself.

♦Ask him how his day was and allow him to vent. Sure a massage is nice as well as a bath but this is a great way of showing you care. Let him vent while your giving him a massage!

♦Always show how grateful you are when he remembers anniversaries, birthdays etc. Praising him will keep him remembering and make him feel good about himself.

For you gentlemen:

♣Send her flowers out of the blue with a romantic note or even something that will make her laugh out loud. Women who work & even us housewifes enjoy some laughter everyonce in a while. This is also a sweet way of showing her your thinking about her.

♣Make her a romantic dinner. If you cant cook, that's ok! Ordering her fave foods and eating it in a romantic setting is just as wonderful. Both show you care.

♣After dinner, rub her feet while she lays there with a glass of wine and some strawberries (or her fave fruit)

♣Write her a love letter and leave it where she will find it when she first wakes up or when she comes home from work. Love letters are as romantic as they come and very old fashioned I know. To some women, a heart felt written note/letter is almost like writing your own vows (and she just might cry when she reads it.)

♣Text her the name of a romantic song and who sings it during the day with something like "thinking of you" after it. Cheesy? Yes but it still shows her your thinking of her and you miss her.

The key is to never stop showing eachother how much you love and care about one another. Talk to eachother about things (doesn't always have to be about work). Work at keeping your relationship successful as you would your job. Always treat your loved one the way you did when you first met, maybe even add a little ...something different here and there.

Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away! ~Alex Hitchens form the movie Hitch

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