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Advice for dating and finding new friends

Updated on April 1, 2010

Follow your own ideals

Dress according to your ideals, so people who share the same ideals will find you interesting and start a conversation with you. Avoid pretending to be really like a role that is forced upon you by some custom or for some other reason that is none of your doing, since if you do, you will attract the same kind of bull shit pourn upon you by those who are for that shit.

Likewise, take the first steps on the road toward living totally according to what you consider the ideal way to live. That way you go to places where people are interested in just those things that you consider to be of major importance in life ā€“ and avoid going to the opposite kind of meetings which support th things that you wanna get rid of. That way you can have something to talk about your values to others, and so they are much more likely to introduce you to other people that they know who share the same values. Besides, that gives you a much more fulfilling life even a long time before you meet anyone of interest to you. And when you meet such people, you know that you share the same values because you have done something in practice to cultivat them. You are not just a liar claiming to love something, you are one who has actually taken the first steps to dedicate oneā€™s life to the way of living that just you love and admire. Living against your own opinion of what real life is based on drains you, makes you weak, uninspirated, unmotivated, exhausted, makes you uninteresting in the eyes of others ā€“ makes you lean on others for fulfillment because you cannot follow your own values yourself but need others to overdo them for you. You can be just thrilled to just say hello to a friend with a soul like yours, while even deep friendship with a wrong type of person for your taste leaves you bored and uninterested.

Do not believe that opposites attract. Those with opposite values in how life ought to be lived typically get classified as enemies. It is the person who shares your goals in life and can help you on the way, that is a good choice for you. That person often has different strengths than you but enjoys your company especially much, like you hers/his. Theere are people with all kinds of views to life in the both sexes. Just those different views together with our different strengths and different social environments and situations of life make our characters different. So pleas do not try to compete with anyone else, since they are all looking for a different kind of mate. Just follow your own taste and build a rewarding social relationship, a sincere friendship mixed with love.


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      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      first class value hub thanks