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Advice to Emperors

Updated on September 18, 2012

It is the preference of people of constrained abilities who are incapable of comprehending the true meaning of what is being said, even if it is in black and white - be that the letter or the spirit of the written word - to resort to their own interpretation based on their own level of intelligence and experience.

In this they are assisted by an offensive native vulgarity and crudeness (using words like “scum”, “ass”, “fool”, etc.) which simply cannot be emulated by any person with any measure of self respect and in consequence they end up speaking unopposed, which in turn encourages them to believe that they are right.

The unhappy result is that such people NOT ONLY become a magnet for like-minded sad individuals who hasten to get on board the leaky boat of iniquitous blindness, fanaticism, hate, unfairness and injustice, but also mislead through emotional manipulation otherwise intelligent and decent human beings into accepting a point of view which they would normally not adopt.

If one responds to these people with ironic or sarcastic humour at their crude rudeness and aggressiveness, not only do they fail to grasp the meaning of the humour, but also one falls into the trap of acknowledging their existence and lowering oneself to the level at which they feel most comfortable, which is that of mud wrestling.

On the other hand, the temptation to show them that if one wishes to confront them one can do so with the greatest of ease, is sometimes overwhelming. It is really tempting to demonstrate to them how truly limited they actually are and how easy it is to put them in their proper place. In particular when one sees them doing exactly what they have previously supposedly condemned; meaning attacking someone else’s hub in a public, vicious and unprovoked manner in their usual illiterate style.

So if you and someone else ever agree to have an academic discussion in public, a mutual agreement between two interlocutors (not an underhanded, unexpected dastardly attack as is the custom of the people I refer to, in other words), make sure that the discussion is carried out in words of one syllable in order that the words can be understood by the people I am referring to here, and they will not take offense at imaginary accusations. Otherwise you risk being viciously accused yourself of all sorts of non existent crimes fabricated in what they are pleased to call their mind. If you suggest for example that hanging is wrong, you are likely to be called a murderer.

And remember:

An Emperor - even when he is naked - is still an Emperor. By the same token, a monkey however well dressed, is always… just a monkey.

Dimitris Mita

De Greek


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