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Aint nothing funny. (Death does not sleep).

Updated on September 17, 2015



Aint nothing funny, ( Death does not sleep).

Ain't nothing funny.( Death does not sleep).‎


Drinking and driving.

Driving at 160 kilo meters he smashed into a tree as he avoided on coming trafficas he woke up, seconds after he had fallen asleep while driving on the high way.He cracked his head smashed it on the dash board.

His girl flew out the window, straight through the wind screen, she was not even drinking that night.She was carried their seed in her womb, she knew yet she was waiting for the right time to share the good news with her man her boy friend.Now they both in Heaven.Shattered dreams.A night of recklessness.


Let us smoke get high, fly perhaps our thoughts can touch the sky.

I smoked too much triggered bi polar‎.

Could not focus at university, so I never graduated.

Been to rehab 7 times.

Government asylums are hard core.*iggerz are ready to rumble.

You eat a whole lot of starch bound to put on 5 to 7 kilo grammes in a month.I got great jobs, yet after I was institutionalised,

I smoked my future away.

Cannabis will destroy your dreams.

Unprotected sex.

She fell pregnant.They were not ready to have a baby.To bring a precious life into this world.So they had an abortion.


How many abortions have you had?

What you going to do to survive?


Bec‎ome a pimp?

A prostitute?

A drug dealer?

A hater?

A begger?

What is worse than being homeless?

Not being able to sleep.


How do we make paradise on earth?

Get an education.

Stack your paper my gee.

Start a family when you have a home.

Sin.Rape.Murder.Domestic violence.

Being unfaithful is the root of all broken homes‎.

Who are the children's role model when daddy's best friend is the bottle?

Mama is just a little girl, she believes in love.

‎Do not be a fool, finish school, it only gets harder.Listen to the elders.Save your pennies.Invest in tomorrow.Today is a reflection of all we embody.Count your blessings.

Ask questions.

Mater self.

Raise above adversity.

Build the world around you.

Make sure you cosy.

Become skilled.Becone an export at multiplying your income.


Never stop dreaming.

Do not give the haters two hoots.

Represent your life.Make peace with the past.

Rest in peace.

Gods Poet Nkosi.

Nkosinathi Ncala.


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