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Alcohol Addiction Robs You And Steals Love

Updated on February 4, 2015

Anyone out there like to be robbed? Would you like your marriage to fall to pieces? Do you like when something is taken from you with out you knowing it?

Just a few questions to get your mind thinking of what you can lose when addicted to alcohol. Oh yeah, we start to have fun with experimenting with drugs and alcohol and think it will solve all problems that mankind comes to have.

Little do we know as we continue down our road to self destruction, we think we are all indestructible. As we become more and more addicted we now have our life depending on our addiction to keep us up and running everyday. Waking up in the morning hungry for our fix for the day and nothing matters but our killer friends, (our demons).

As I write these articles about alcohol addiction, I get so angry with myself and the demons that just about ruined my life and everything and everyone around me. I have such a hatred toward alcohol now because I didn't have the strength to push my demons away when I knew they were killing me slow but sure.

It is the first thing we think of when we open our eyes after a probably bad sleep, if we slept at all.

I feel that I have been robbed of life all due to my alcohol addiction and I will never forget the life I had while being addicted.

Alcohol addiction robs you and steals love, the love of your families and the love you are supposed to have for yourself. You can't possibly love yourself when you put your body through such a horrible thing.

I respect myself and my body now being sober, and I only wished I had done it sooner in my life, but you know what, it is never too late to change anything in your life if you truly want it bad enough.

For most of the years of drinking alcohol my main ex-friend was drinking beer. We seemed to get along so well, so I thought.

So, if you truly want to have a better life and live your life with happiness and contentment try really hard to get clean and sober. You will never regret that you did and your life will be full of joy and happiness.

Your body will thank you for given it a second chance in life!



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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Thank you Forgetmenot18 for such a nice comment. I have learned my leason and now all I want is to get the word out everyone with an addiction that yes it is never too late to change and never give up hope. We are here only once on this earth so we need to make the best of it in a sober way.

    • profile image

      Forgetmenot18 7 years ago

      Hi Clean Life

      " it is never too late to change anything in your life if you truly want it bad enough." It is a true statement - sorry that you had to go through your problems to reach where you are now. I do understand what you have gone through, only that I was on receiving end.

      Alchoholic is a disease that only that person can over come with. And it does destroy everything that you love.

      I salute you for coming through, you must had a very strong courage and will to do that. Well done Clean Life.

      Hope you are now enjoying your life to full. Life is a precious thing, yet you create every moment and it is all down to you how you want to create it.

      Thanks for a very touching hub.