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All About Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Updated on July 18, 2011

What is a bezel set engagement ring?

A bezel set engagement ring means that there is metal that surrounds the center stone. The bezel setting was actually the earliest setting ever used for setting stones into jewelry. Bezel set engagement rings are the safest settings available, meaning that they offer the most protection and security to your stone.

Bezel Setting with Pave Diamonds

Adiamor Bezel Set Engagement Ring
Adiamor Bezel Set Engagement Ring

Why are bezel set engagement rings so popular?

One reason that a bezel set engagement ring is so popular is the security it provides to the stone and the person wearing it. If you lead a very active lifestyle and participate in sports or any activities that are hard on your hands, a bezel set engagement ring is ideal. The setting minimizes the risk of either losing the center stone or damaging the ring.

Another reason bezel set engagement rings are so popular is that the metal collar also prevents dirt, oil, dust, etc. from building up on the center stone. The buildup can cause a stone to become dull and cloudy and of course everyone wants their center stone to be radiant and sparkling.

The top reason that bezel set engagement rings are so popular is that they can actually make the center stone appear larger. Many women want their center stone to look larger than it really is and a bezel set engagement ring can create this illusion. When you have a bezel set engagement ring with pave diamonds around the bezel this can make your diamond look even larger.


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