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All that was quiet wasn't good: What happened after April 8

Updated on May 31, 2014

Disturbed again for the third time

The first time, on April 8, the noise was so loud in the front bedroom next door, it woke me up. The female screamed "Oh, God, NO!" Then the cops were called. I felt like a fool explaining to the cops that the culprits weren't known. A month after that, the female knocked on the door for at least an hour befor he opened it. Being outside she didn't want to disturb the neighbors again. This last time, strains of conversation were heard last weekend,but it was her saying it was over and the slamming door that awoke me again.

Knowing who they were now

Violence wasn’t acceptable in any form. Since the April 8 shouting match, all that happened was the man using foul language at that time only moved from the front room to the back. My living room is right next to their second bedroom opposite mine. Just because the shouting ceased didn’t mean the abuse was a one-time thing.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, there was another incident. The man left and I was woken up by her saying it was over followed by a slamming door at 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Sometime between then and 2:30 p.m. that afternoon, he came back. He told her to get back in the house, using the foul language as before. He got in his truck and drove off. I know he saw me, and the two people across the street from the office saw and heard what I saw. He didn’t seem to have been threatened by either of these things.

Since there weren’t any bruises on the woman’s face or arms, there was no reason to call the cops. The last time this happened, my not knowing who caused the domestic disturbance made me feel like a fool when the cops were called when the lady screamed for him to stop. After speaking to my mother Monday evening, my decision was clear. Management had to be told.

My sleep was interrupted by my neighbors--again

Tired of the noise
Tired of the noise | Source

What the experts said

Since it was a holiday weekend and the office was closed, a lot of prayers were said over what to tell the office Tuesday. Unfortunately, there was a shift in office staff since April 8. They were not aware of the previous incident and asked if the cops were called the last two times. Until this weekend past, the culprits weren’t known even though a month after the first incident she was locked out of the apartment and he took his time answering the door in spite of her continued knocking. They assured me they would get to the bottom of the situation.

Dr. Phil defined an abuser as cowardly and a bully. On one of his shows this year, he outlined what an abuser did in this video In relationships that went bad, there was dominance, one person had all the power. This was seen last Sunday when the man and his wife were outside and he told her in graphic terms to get back in the house. Usually, when someone tried controlling the other, and made cutting or abusive remarks, the relationship was unhealthy. At least on one of Dr. Phil’s couples wanted to get the help that was offered. It was undetermined with my neighbor’s situation. It was hard to tell who moved out after that two day argument. Apparently, there was a young boy that stayed overnight. All the more reason for the man to have gotten help with his temper.

The good that came out of the situation

Some good did come out of the situation. Until now, Mom told me I didn’t want a house. Someone at her job posted a house for rent the week before. It was adapted for someone with special needs because it was easy access in and out and all one level. The rent for the two bedroom was $600 a month with utilities included, way too much for me. It was near where the new high school was to be built if the bond passed May 10. I couldn’t move with nine months left on my lease anyway.


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