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Alphabet To Happiness

Updated on August 3, 2017
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Gladz loves to read and express thru writing. She started writing during her childhood days just to express her opinions.

"Smile though your heart is aching"

— Charlie Chaplin

What Will Happen If We Are Unhappy?

Most of us especially if we can't handle or surpass a certain situation where we are in. we become stress and finally develops different health problem like:

  1. Hypertension. Stress can increase blood flow and heart rate which then leads to an increase of blood pressure.
  2. Diabetes. If one person experience stress, the eating habit affects especially when that person will eat to suppress stress by eating dessert. This can leads to an increase or decrease of sugar (Hyperglycemia or Hypoglycemia). One reason also were sugar level can increase if the stressed person engage himself in drinking alcoholic beverages which then triggers hyperglycemia.
  3. Heart Diseases. If a person has hypertension due to increase heart rate and blood flow, the risk of having heart failure is high.
  4. Obesity. As we all know cortisol is a steroid hormone which leads to increase weight. How it is possible then? Stress causes the level of cortisol to increase in our body which increases the amount of fat deposit in our abdomen.
  5. Severe Depression. If we experience some traumatic situations like we re experience all negative situations, we tend develop difficulty in sleeping. Then, we at times put the blame on ourselves which stress us more.
  6. Alzheimer's Disease. One study mentioned that the more we forget things during our young age, the higher the risk that we can develop Alzheimer's Disease. One reason why we forget certain things in life is because of stress.
  7. Gastrointestinal Problems. We know that once we stress, we experience different gastrointestinal disturbances like hyper-acidity which may lead to heart burn and irritable bowel syndrome.
  8. Migraine. Too much thinking worsen headaches.
  9. Substance Abuse. Teenagers nowadays usually have difficulty in coping especially when stress. Their way of distressing is to be with their friends and indulge in alcoholism and prohibited drugs.
  10. Eating Disorders. Different people have different trips when they are experiencing stress. Some loves to eat and eat why others stay in one corner and just think and stay in one place the entire day.

Alphabet In Achieving Happiness

A void disputes.

B urry all negative attitudes and experiences.

C hallenge yourself to do good things.

D ouble you time to enjoy life.

E liminate all negative thoughts you have in your mind.

F ascinate yourself with all the beauty that nature offers.

G rab every opportunity that comes along your way.

H andle every situation with care.

I nhale the freshness of the air and impress everybody with your smile.

J uxtapose all your actions for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of your actions.

K nock every door to ask for help especially when you know you can't do it alone.

L ive your life to the fullest.

M editate once a day to attract positive aura.

N ourish your mind.

O pen yourself to positive auras and Obey God's Laws.

P ray every for guidance from above.

Q uell your troubled hearts.

R adiate the beauty of yours from within

S ettle every problems you have with friends, relatives, and love ones to alleviate burden from within.

T each others

U nmask yourself to reveal the real you

V alue every experience that world provides you and learn from it.

W ait for the right time. Do not hurry yourself in what to do. God has His own time.

X ray yourself thoroughly.

Y elp once in a while especially when you're really in pain.

Z ip your mouth when someone is yelling to avoid arguments.

To Be Happy or Not To Be
To Be Happy or Not To Be

Rewards of Happiness in Alphabet

A mbition

B lessings

C ourage


D irection in life

E njoyment

F riends


G ladness

H ope


I nnovative Mind

J ustice

K indness

L ove



M iracles

N oble and Noticeable Life Story

O penness

P eace


Q uelled fear

R espect

S uccess


T rust

U nity

V alue


W ar-free


X enial

Y oung Physical Appearance

Z esty Personality


We know this familiar quote that "to be happy is not an option, it is a choice". It only means that we are the ones who decide whether we want to be happy or not. Count your blessings in life and never your failures. We receive more blessings rather than our failures. We have millions of ways to be happy but only few reasons to feel sad. Follow the alphabet in achieving happiness to harvest the fruits of it.

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"Laughter is the Best Medicine"

— Bennett Cerf

© 2017 Gladz


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