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Updated on January 3, 2017


Feeling Alone
Feeling Alone | Source

Struggling thoughts

I try as I might

To be very polite

Not fight

In the end you're right

Trying my plight

Appreciation not in sight

My brain cannot excite

To ponder what to write

My feelings held deeply tight

Hurt rolls from your spite

Wishing for flight

Wondering will I be alright ?

My mind speaks

My heart shrieks

Please, stop these tears on my cheeks

From rolling again

Can we find a plan

To take us where we began

I remember the man

Whom knew this was right

Would not put up a fight

Please lord, help me find my sight

To figure wrong or right


Can I find my spot with writing, or be stuck in oblivion with so much in my head. My heart i pour out, trying to create a picture.

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