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Am I in love? How to know if you're in love

Updated on April 11, 2013

Is this what love feels like?

You've been dating a while now, and it's been absolutely amazing. Every time you see your date your heart beats a little faster, you feel warm inside, your eyes get all wide, your stomach flutters. You ask yourself, is this love? Is this just lust?

You think about them all the time, and the thought of not having them as a part of your life makes you feel a little sick.

Real love involves mature feelings and thoughts. If the thought of your date gets you a little hot, then that's great, and I'm very happy that you are with someone that makes you feel that way. But if you feel the attraction but also more than just that, it can very well be love... It's that friendship and level of comfort that indicates real feelings. When they're your best friend. When they don't say much and you know what they're feeling. When you just know that you want to be there for them, through the good and the bad.

Being in love should make you feel wonderful. Falling in love should be fun and can be gradual. It should feel happy and satisfying, and it's even better when it's shared!

Love can take time, or it can come quick. Every situation and relationship is different. It's up to you, and only you, to decide how you feel. Someone once told me you see real love and devotion when things get tough. Are you ready to be there for that person? If so, then it's probably the real deal.

Have fun and don't sweat it. When it's the right time, it'll happen to you. Feel good about it. Enjoy it.

Because love is one of the greatest things you can experience, and all it takes is one special person to fill your heart with happiness.

Have you ever been in love?

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