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An Arresting Development.

Updated on November 8, 2009


To steal a

kiss from you
would be the

greatest crime of all,
skip the diamonds,

gold and cash,
a cherished kiss 

surpasses these.

To deftly sneak
in between blinks
of your lovely eyes,
and press my eager
lips against yours.

Just a few seconds
of sheer bliss,
hoping you will
fall for this burglar,
and return what he

values most,
even before he stole it.

I could win any jury over,
they would fail to convict
me of any such grand theft,
when they laid

12 pairs of eyes on you.

To sweetly unlock
your passion in such
a daring manner,
like Pandora's box,
It could be
marvelously wonderful,
or a Medusa stare
turning me to stone.

But it matters little,
for your lips are like
a rare pink orchid,
or two exquisite
elongated ruby pearls,
I must have them,
damn the consequences.


as your hand

impacts my cheek,
but I see a hint of a smile,
a blush of surprise and awe,
and a glimmer of

hope in your eyes.

I just might return
for another attempt,
satisfied for now,
with the memory
of having something
worthy of stealing.





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