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An Easy Guide to Girl Code

Updated on August 16, 2013
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Jeannie has been writing online for over 10 years. She covers a wide variety of topics - hobbies, opinions, dating advice, and more!

Forget About Bro Code!

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Bro Code or Guy Code. It is important for dudes to know the rules of being a bro with other dudes. However, there is another topic that needs to be covered that is equally important: Girl Code.

Yes, there is Girl Code! Yes, it is important! If you are a chick, you need to know Girl Code if you want to hang out with other chicks. Every now and then, you will see a woman that mostly hangs out with men. Do you ever wonder why? 9 times out of 10, she does not play by the rules. She refuses to accept Girl Code and it therefore shunned by other females. Studies have show this to be true! OK, I made that up, but I have years of experience behind this theory.

So I know what you are saying now, "Jeannie, when are you going to to share the rules of Girl Code? Please break it down for us so we can all understand Girl Code better!" Of course, I am here to help.

You Can Never Wear the Same Outfit

Clothing is extremely important in the world of females. When it comes to the rules of Girl Code, you cannot wear the same outfit your friend is wearing. Perhaps if you are all bridemaids in a wedding together, it is cool. Other than that, if you and your friend are showing up at the same club, you'd better coordinate the outfits.

If you are a guy reading this, you may wonder why women feel this way. The answer is... I don't know. It is just a rule. Ask any woman and she will tell you this is part of Girl Code and it is simply unacceptable to wear the same outfit as your friend. I suppose it is because deep down all women feel insecure and do not want to be compared to their other female companions. When two women wear the same outfit, naturally those around them will try to compare the two ladies. No one wants that situation to occur.

Furthermore, if you are shopping with your female friends, it is against Girl Code to go after the same article of clothing your friend wants. If you and your friend both see the same outfit first, an agreement can be made that you both buy different colors or a slightly different style. If this agreement is not made and you both make the same purchase, then you must call each other before going to the same place to make sure you are both not wearing the same outfit.

You Can Never Date Your Friend's Ex

Along the same lines as wearing the same outfit, you also can't go after the same guy. If your friend calls dibs on a guy, it is completely against Girl Code to go after him. If you do, you run the risk of not only losing that girl as a friend, you may be banished from the entire circle of female friends. That offense is just that unforgivable!

If your friend dumps a guy, it is still against Girl Code to attempt to date him. On rare occasions, if the relationship was brief or the break-up was amicable, it may be acceptable to approach your female friend after a few months to ask if it is OK to date her ex. However, watch her eyes and notice her gut reaction. She might be saying it is alright with her, but inside, she wants to kill you. There will be some resentment about this one if it is not handled in a really delicate manner. Ask yourself what is more important - your friendship or this guy?

Your Female Friend Always Comes First

No matter what happens, your female friends are watching your back. If your friend breaks-up with her boyfriend, it is your obligation according to Girl Code to take that friend out for drinks, or at least stuff her full of ice cream.

If you see your friend's man out somewhere cheating on her, it is part of Girl Code to go straight to your friend with this information. It does not matter if you happen to be friends with him, too. Girl Code states your female friendship comes first. If possible, try to take some photos with your cell phone to show to your friend. She will appreciate the evidence you've collected for her. Your friend can use this during the fight that will occur later that night.

Watch Out For Your Friends at a Bar

Once again, being a good friend is really the main core value in Girl Code. When you go to a club or a bar with your female friends, make sure to keep an eye on them for the entire night. Occasionally, you may even want to do a head count just to make sure no one has vanished.

While at the club or the bar, make sure to watch your drink, as well as your friends' drinks. There are plenty of creeps out there that try to slip drugs into drinks women leave unattended. Don't become a victim and don't allow it to happen to one of your friends. Always keep an eye on your friends.

If a super creepy guy is trying to hit on one of your friends, and one of your friends with low standards is getting a little too flirty with him, it is time for you to step in. Yes, a major part of Girl Code is not allowing one of your friends to go home with a sleazy guy. You need to step up to the two of them and diffuse the situation. Of course, there is a term for a person who does just that, but since this is a PG rated hub, I won't go into it. Let me just say the term rhymes with "clock lock."

During a night out with the girls, a number of events could occur. You could be helping keep Britney away from her ex who is also at the club. At some point, you will probably have to hold back Susie's hair while she vomits in the bathroom. You might also talk your pal Shannon out of doing a drunk dial or sending a drunk text. This is just all part of a girl's night out and it is all part of Girl Code.

Women Must Always Go to the Bathroom in Groups

While out at any event, all women know you must go to the bathroom in groups. You never know if some crazed killer might jump out of one of the bathroom stalls; you want a posse with you should this occur. Even more serious, you never know if you might go to use a stall and it is out of toilet paper. You've got to have a female friend hand some toilet paper to you in this situation. That is, of course, one of the rules of Girl Code. Also, it is simply the right thing to do.

Furthermore, while in the bathroom, you can discuss any issues you can't discuss around the guys. Perhaps you need to borrow a tampon or you need to discuss some major cramps you are experiencing. Maybe everyone wants to talk about the hot guy they saw at the next table. All of this is an important part of female bonding.

Females Protect Other Females on Dates

If your female friend is going out with someone new, it is important that you are available to act as a "safety friend" during the first dates. This means, if your friend texts you that she needs an "out" fast, you are required to call her and beg her to break her date right then. You should come up with some utterly female problem that will only confuse the man she is dating. I recommend calling your friend on her cell and you can begin crying loudly. Mention something about your cat being sick, how your are horribly devastated, and now your friend has an easy excuse to leave the date.

If your friend is dating a guy she met online, it is important that she give you the guy's name, any other information she has learned, and she needs to say when you should expect a phone call from her. If she is definitely supposed to be home by 10, it is your job as a female friend to start calling her at about 11. Most likely, she is not dead in a ditch somewhere, but you never know. It is all part of Girl Code to show your concern for your friend and her safety.

Birthdays are a Big Deal!

I recently realized that I have been guilty of breaking Girl Code for many years. I have been informed that according to Girl Code, birthdays are a huge deal, whether you like it or not. On your best friend's birthday, you are required to call her. Apparently a text message or an email won't do. It doesn't even matter if you are taking her to dinner on the weekend. You'd better call her on the day of her birthday!

If your female friend says she is not really into celebrating her birthday, you are should totally disregard that. Your friend deserves a phone call on her birthday, a card, and a gift. If at all possible, make sure to wish her a happy birthday on Facebook and round up as many other friends as possible to share birthday wishes with her. I mean, a birthday only comes once a year and it needs to be celebrated in a major way.

Be Honest About Fashion Mistakes

Another major part of Girl Code is giving honest feedback about ugly clothing whenever necessary. Have you ever seen someone walking down the street and you think, "That person can't have any friends! How could they let her leave the house looking that way?" Obviously, that girl has no female friends or those friends are directly violating Girl Code. Someone should be stopping that girl!

Your duty as a female friend is to let your friend know when she has fallen victim to a crime of fashion. If your friend Betty likes to wear too-tight leggings with a short shirt, she must be stopped! If Kelly is wearing plaid, vertical stripes, and polka dots together, you need to have a chat with her about it. If Tina is about to go to church dressed as if she should be on the street corner, it is time for a fashion intervention!

Also, an important part of scoping out your friends' attire includes letting your friends know if they've missed a loop with their belt, if a tag is showing, or if the dreaded "skirt tucked in the panty hose" look strikes a friend when least expected. Always be honest, but find the kindest way to point out any fashion faux pas. Being kind but helpful is what makes you an awesome female friend.

When following all of this advice, not only will you be an awesome female friend, you are also following all of the rules of Girl Code. It is crucial to never go against Girl Code if you want to be a successful woman in today's world. After all, you don't want to look around one day and find that you only have dudes around you. I mean, shesh, no chick wants to bother learning Bro Code, too.

Copyright ©2011 & 2012 Jeannieinabottle


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