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The Best Evening Around A Camp Fire With My Neighbors

Updated on December 4, 2016
My neighbors gather around the camp fire, discussing various issues.
My neighbors gather around the camp fire, discussing various issues.
The warm fire makes the evening enjoyable.
The warm fire makes the evening enjoyable.
The crisp night air was perfect for a camp fire.
The crisp night air was perfect for a camp fire.
My neighbors, Tony and Sandy enjoy gathering with their neighbors as much as possible.
My neighbors, Tony and Sandy enjoy gathering with their neighbors as much as possible.
As the evening comes to a conclusion, Tony and Sandy's dog Emily joins us.
As the evening comes to a conclusion, Tony and Sandy's dog Emily joins us.

Just Chillin With My Neighbors

The crisp night air mingled with smells of oak as brilliant colors emerged from our camp fire. #Neighbors gathered to enjoy a few drinks and conversation, about their concerns for the world. It was gratifying to sit in the midst of such warm and intriguing discussions as images from the fire flickered across their faces.

A very passionate source of reasoning was given by Lydia, my neighbor Andy's date. Her genuine concern was expressed in the video above, which involved the serving of too many #sweet snacks for preschoolers. Lydia's disgust was apparent, as she explained that a teacher not only allowed her son to use candy to count with but afterwards, he ate it. Sweets offered so readily to such young children, was incomprehensible to her. Lydia's stand as a mother and concerned parent is commendable as she expressed in the video above. Her personal views were intriguing as we gathered around our neighborhood #camp fire for the evening.

My neighbors consisted of various ages such as fifteen year old Liam Poole, who attends Penncrest High School. His future plans are to become successful in the automotive industry. Liam mentioned very eloquently that, "there is a lot of problems in the world today but if people would work together, these problems could be fixed." His optimism about hope for the future of the world was refreshing at such an innocent age.

As the intensity of the flames increased, interesting discussions evolved with my neighbors, Tom and Julianne Labrum, who have been happily married for more than 21 years. They lovingly expressed how they met at a cocktail party around 1984. Something drew them to each other and they have been together ever since. Their love for each other is constant and strong. Tom and Julianne, cuddled together around the camp fire, like two lovebirds in search of fulfilling each other's needs. Even when the chips are down, they expressed that their love is unyeilding. Julianne, passionately talked about a job that she previously had where the young people did not demonstrate respect for each other. "The things they do are so ghetto and low class. Their disrespect and name calling was horrible." Julianne, indicated that she tried everything to win the kids over. #Ethnic conflicts can be difficult to resolve but Julianne's determination was inspirational. Tom provided positive reinforcement for her by stating, how much Julianne loves the kids that she has worked with over the years, Their support and love for each other, is a wonderful example within our neighborhood. Our camp fire events are always a source of encouragement because of Tom and Julianne.

As the fire dwindled, my neighbors Tony and Sandy Ieradi, ignite the conversation by revealing how their marriage is, "the second time around." Married for three years, they are a couple, who have made their mistakfes and learned from them. They exemplify pure endurance and determination to be there for each other. Their work ethics together, whether it is in the yard or organizing a barbeque for the community, is commendable. Whatever we need as neighbors, Tony and Sandy, try to provide that. They have organized our community to pursue things for the protection of our neighborhood. Over the years, Tony has worked tirelessly, to insure that our little lane was not consumed with overwhelming amounts of traffic. Residing off a major road where traffic is constant, the protection of our families has been a major concern. His efforts have been a source of love toward his neighbors that we can never say, "thank you" enough. Sandy has always been by Tony's side in whatever they endeavor to pursue. When asked how they have maintained such an interesting marriage, their answer was in unity? They looked into each other's eyes as the fire warmed their faces and explained how, "We have learned to overlook a lot of things. There is a lot of give and take in our relationship and we accept each other's flaws." Perfection does not exist within their relationship but their devotion and commitment toward each other is inspirational.

Before the evening came to a close, other #neighbors who had gathered around the fire started to depart. It was a spontaneous gathering that each of us had enjoyed. We have prevailed in the sense of not just being neighbors because we live in the vicinity of each other. There is a genuine source of care that sometimes causes us to draw to each other, whenever we are in need, as we would draw to a camp fire. Our respect and appreciation is heartwarming. With neighbors such as these, it is easy to apply Jesus' principle that we should, #"love thy neighbor." Each of them are people that you really don't mind, "just chillin with." For more information on how we can be loving toward our neighbors go to,

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks Tony for reading the article and making a comment.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for a wonderful article and true representation of our neighborhood and care for each other. We are truly a blessed community here on Berry Lane.


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