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Categorize Your Relationship

Updated on May 13, 2017
phanlop88 @
phanlop88 @

Identify your type of relationship

Identifying your type of relationship will enable you to understand your partner better.

Understanding your partner better will enable you to find the happiness you deserve.

Discover yourself in the following indicators ~

photostock @ freedigitalphotos,net
photostock @ freedigitalphotos,net

School boy/girl having a crush on Teacher

You are always too eager to do Teacher a favour, just to be acknowledged as her/his favourite. In spite of dealing with many disappointments – because Teacher never meets your secret expectations - your hope for more and better rewards will inspire you to be your teacher’s loyal follower for quite a period of time. Eventually yet another disappointment will make you realize that you are wasting precious time living in your dreams. You will find another partner – hopefully your soul mate. Memories of Teacher may turn into grudges which may drip off your tongue in the form of sarcastic remarks when you find yourself accidentally in Teacher’s presence.

If your are the teacher in this relationship, do not worry. Somebody will always develop a crush on you and your wishes will become his/her demands.

Stuart Miles @
Stuart Miles @

Baby and teddy-bear

You cannot sleep without Teddy in your arms. You may even drag Teddy with you wherever you go, or you may put always-contented-and cuddly Teddy down in order to do something you want to do, or have to do. Maybe your relationship with Teddy will last forever, or maybe your love for adventure may finally get the better of you and make you neglect Teddy until someone discover him/her, all alone and neglected. You may not be willing to share Teddy; you may hysterically demand sole-ownership, or maybe you will realize that you have lost your dearest Teddy due to your own negligence.

If your are the teddy bear in this relationship, do not worry. Teddy bears are extremely popular and will always be a baby’s favourite companion.

gubgib @
gubgib @

Cat and Dog

You share the same premise, most of the time happy and contented. You are Cat, independent and always contented. You don’t get upset when Dog gets more attention than you. Dog, however, cannot always handle your superior demeanour. Being dog, he/she might force you into solitude, or even aggressively into a tree or on the roof of the house where you have to wait until he/she is in a good mood again and willing to tolerate you in his/her presence. You may live forever with Dog, either in his/her presence or somewhere on the same premise where he/she would not be able to disturb your peace. Maybe on a day Dog may bite you. If not to death, he/she may scare you away. Hopefully you will be rescued, and you may continue your life on a new premise in the presence of a better-natured dog, or you may just roam the streets all alone until you die.

If you are the dog, please stop all your bad habits. Don’t blame the cat for everything that doesn't go your way. If you feel like growling and barking, pick on the moon and the cars in the street.

stockimages @
stockimages @

Servant and Boss

You are a hard-working and loyal servant, happy when Boss is happy and miserable when Boss is not happy. You will always try your best to please Boss. If Boss is kind and generous, satisfying all your needs, you will live happily forever after. But if Boss fails to satisfy your needs, you will eventually either turn into a pathetic masochist or into a rebel, striking for days until you decide to quit your job and find yourself another boss.

If you are the boss in this relationship, please mind your manners and be good to your servant. You know that servants exists in great numbers. Chose the right one and pay him/her the maximum wages plus bonus. Then you will live happily forever after.

digitalart @
digitalart @

Child and Parent

As the child in this relationship all your needs are fulfilled. With your parent’s approval you are doing whatever you like. Your willingness to follow rules is the only reason why the two of you are living happily forever after. However, if you are a violator of rules and not able to appreciate your luck, you will suffer your parent’s discontentment. If you are addicted to arguments you will be happy, or maybe you will eventually run off. Sadly, staying with your parent until he/she dies, or running off, have the same consequences: You will either become the victim of a con-artist, or you will discover your own parental self.

If you are the parent, remember that a child needs constant attention and rewards in the form of love and money. Mind your health, because you will not be able to meet your child’s expectations while you are ill.

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