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An Old Flame

Updated on April 23, 2013

We stand at opposite ends of a long road covered with uncertain recollection
Those few moments we shared were enough to pave over the pain of our separation
And yet we now walk upon a lonely highway of dreams wondering why we did it
What brought us together drove us apart but our path shares a common destination
You can never know how a commitment will affect the remaining years of your life
All you know is that you took a chance and bid adieu to the smiles of those you ignore
You find yourself with someone who has their own desires but no sense of who you are
And in the moments between drunken lust you retreat behind your hearts closing door
And now in the distance we see the rising heat from the road blurring the horizon
As we aged what was once ours remained the same because it was all that we need
But until we lost what was found we never knew how to allow another flower to grow
And though the blooms are gone the soil of long ago awaits the new days loving seed


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