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An introduction

Updated on January 5, 2016
This is me...
This is me...


Hello everyone, (I was about to recite Adele, and thought better of it). Welcome to my little section of the internet... or more specifically, my little section of HubPages.

I wanted to introduce myself here so you can all get to know me a little bit before I start posting my ramblings on everyday life.

So who am I?

Well, my name is Jamie-Leigh, I'm currently 24 years old and not too far off 25, I'm a avid reader, I like to write, I'm transgender (male to female), and I still live with my mother...

I wanted to have a place where I can just ramble a little bit, talk about things I'm getting up to, troubles, personal experiences, and be part of a community, which blogger no longer gives... well with all the problems with them removing the follow thing and having to redirect to BlogLovin, it just became a little lonely over there, and from a previous experience here, I remembered the community aspect and back over I trot.

I enjoy writing, I may not be the best at it, or the most grammatical or educated, but I enjoy it and I suppose that's more important to me than being perfect.

I don't want this blog to revolve around my being transgender, although, it is a prevalent thing in my personal life and one I cannot escape so I suppose, there will be a few posts on here talking about my (enter cliche) "journey", but most of all I want this to be a place of self reflection, somewhere I can air my troubles and find out I'm not the only one to fall flat on my face sober, or have a panic attack in the middle of a busy (and quite nosey) supermarket.

So this is me. I'm a bit weird, but I'm friendly. I ramble, but I have passion. I can be brutally honest, but I'm said to be one of the kindest people and a really good listener.

So if you want to connect, there should be a follow button somewhere here. And as always, leave me a comment, I'll be leaving them all over the place (I love reading blogs)

Speak soon.

Jamie-Leigh x x x


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