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Anger has its place

Updated on March 4, 2010

Speak it and it will be known!

Anger can show intense thoughts!


Anger has its place!

      As a product of my southern baptist parental guidence, I was never allowed to show any anger or upsettment! That was a big mistake for by the time I was in my 30's I had all that I could take!  People saw me as the happy one, never any problems, and the lady you could dump all yours own!  Being taught to be a soldier has its advantages however the main issue is that I am human too!  In need of comfort and understanding as well.      Holding in all the hurt and depair, smiling throughout as if I did'nt care. Helping others was my main objective and then realizing that I had not prepared them to feel whatever emotion I had much less theirs!  Way to busy making their life less complicated without any added stress!  Makes for a a very weighed down person to have everyones best interest at heart and not much thought to their own needs.              Anger has its place you see, to let others know how they are affecting you, to let others understand your lack of tolerance toward the unjust and societys callous ways! Sometimes to move a mountain one must have the motivation to push harder and the power to carry through! Anger is not rage.......the two are not alike. Rage is in fury and hurtful! Anger is just stronger words than a smile! Gives people a chance to know one another and the opportunity to share a strong thought!


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