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Another Day with the Court...

Updated on November 21, 2015
adriennechristine profile image

Adrienne, is a Mommy to two beautiful boys. A Survivor of Domestic Violence. She hopes to become a voice for other victims.

Court Date #1

Ok, so I'm going to give blogging another try. I tried WordPress once before, but I wasn't sure about the layout. So I'm going to give it another whirl. I thought I would write about my day yesterday, as it was interesting. I had court first thing in the morning in regards to my domestic violence case with my ex and also an order of protection. This is my second attempt to get one this year. The other one was in another county and that was a mess. However, in Nashville the process was amazing given the circumstances. There is an advocacy er where you can stay during court and they also escort you to and from the court room. I was very impressed with how they are helping to protect the victims! I did have to see my ex, but only briefly. I'm thankful for that. Just the thought of being around him makes me a nervous wreck and my anxiety kicks in. I guess years of abuse both emotional and physical will do that to you. The stalking charge ended up being nolled. Which means they're not going after him now, but will keep it up in the event that they need to later on. Which, I'm content with. My main goal was to just get the Order of Protection in Place for a year. The last 3 weeks without any contact has been so peaceful and even healing. There was an issue on the clerical side, so our order of protection hearing was pushed out two weeks. The judge was gracious enough to rewrite my temporary order of protection lasting until the next hearing. I just really thought it would over with yesterday. I really don't want to go through another hearing or have to deal with seeing him. Especially, when he has his whole fake nice guy thing going on. You wouldn't believe it. An expensive suit covering up all of his tattoos and even glasses on that he doesn't need nor wear normally. It was a site. I'm sure anyone who has gone through this is is familiar with their ex's "other identity". The other side that appears to me the model citizen, perfect dad, and all around amazing. Such a front. However, the beauty in leaving is that its no longer my problem. He can dupe whomever he wants. I just feel for the next one. I really hope she doesn't endure what I did, but that's a topic for another day. Thank you for reading...


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