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Love, Passion, Devotion, Connectedness - Why Do We Lack This?

Updated on August 29, 2013

The Beginning of the Fall - Two Years Ago

Well...A vast majority of my loved ones have been faced with brutal turbulence in their love lives recently...Not to be slighted, I guess I just had to join in on the fun...

As I sit here, my heart cries out for your love, my arms ache to hold you with welcoming acceptance. My mind can't rest, my eyes are filled with tears and the saddest part is the little girl who has fallen down hard on the cold, dirty floor of my most painful inner realms.

In pure and innocent love, I gave you every little piece of my heart and Soul. I sacrificed my Self just to see your intoxicatingly alluring smile. My inner child held you in her loving arms so that you may find peace and comfort every night as you slept. The woman I have become through the past that took me down waited in the balance, wanting to give you everything...

But, you were unwilling to accept.

Yes, my love is strong and ruthless...Yes, I wield a mighty sword against any and all who would dare make trouble for those I love...Yes, my fiery passion is intense and hell yeah, I can send your body up in flames...

How can you be so scared of something that others yearn and beg for???

Stop playing these childish games and come out and play with me. Don't throw away the one thing that you have to know is real. I loved you then (24 years ago), I love you now and I will love you forever...You're just going to have to deal with that, because I will not allow you to kill it. Even if we go our separate ways, we will both always, always be present in one another's lives though maybe not in the flesh, but always in the mind, always in the heart...

When I reach for you later, reach back. Neither of us need another dose of the last time...

Love Always,

Windy Grace <3

Two Years Later...

Neglected love relationships turn into routine. Routine turns into monotony and monotony leads to indifference...

I still want, crave the same special connection. I still love you, but it's just not the same anymore. It's become so stale, so cold, so not what I have dreamed of my entire life...

It's never going to be enough to tell someone that you love them, but show them indifference. It's never going to be enough to remain distant from someone who craves that connection, who has experienced that connection with another before...

Once a person has tasted the sweetest, most complete dissolve into another human being, nothing else will ever satisfy them, nothing else can quench that thirst. That complete unity between two human beings who truly love and accept one another with all they've got is not easily duplicated and is very seldom transcended by another. Yet, this is what I crave, this is what I need, this is what I must have. Anything less leaves me longing, yearning...


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    • VAMPGYRL420 profile imageAUTHOR

      Windy Grace Mason 

      7 years ago from Belle Haven, VA

      Hi there, Cagsil :) It's always a great pleasure to hear from you :) I'll be checking out your poem as soon as I leave this page :) I seem to have recovered from this crash landing through the power of just letting go...I decided that it was not enough for me to want this to work. I set in my mind that, if he didn't show me that he wanted it to work bad enough to put some effort into the relationship, I would be left with no choice other than to simply walk away in order to keep my own sanity. As this writing portrays, there are plenty of others who would love to be where he is. Still, I chose him and I have tried everything in my power to make him see that I am here to stay. I know the pain of past loves. I know there is always worry and doubt initially. However, over two years in and through it all should account for something. If I wanted to hurt him or walk away, there are many times that I could have done so without remorse. I have been hurt in the past as well. Therefore, the pain from his past is null and void in this equation; because, for him, I have managed to look past my own and work for us. It was very difficult for me to allow someone in again. I had swore that I would never ever do so again, but I did and I'm trying. Since I wrote this months ago, things have calmed down a lot; but as you know, with love, sometimes it's just the calm before another storm. Let's hope not, but I will be ready this time ;) My thoughts today are: You can't tell someone that you love them, not show it and expect them to believe you. Love is a lot of hard work, honesty and compromise; but the rewards are like none other :D

      Thank you so very much for reading and commenting. My ramblings like this tend to not get a lot of attention...Kind of tells of why so many people don't know how to love. I think everyone should read and educate themselves in every aspect of building and nurturing a relationship before proceeding to lie and try to justify living that lie. And, if it's not a lie, act according ;)

      Love & Light to you, my dear friend! Wishing you all the love and peace in the world...Hubpages won't allow me to make a heart :(

      -Windy Grace AKA Vampgyrl ;)

    • Cagsil profile image


      7 years ago from USA or America

      Hey Vampgyrl, it seems like many people are afraid of the power of love can have on them. I once had a relationship with a young lady and we ended up separated for years. When she left, she assumed I would be unable to compensate for the distance between us. So she moved on with her life and ended up taking a road more harshly traveled. As we both got older, we found each other again and when her dream became part of reality is scared the hell out of her. I wrote a poem about the relationship and how it ended. The poem is called "Pleasure and Pain". It's one of the love poems I've written.

      I'm sure you'll love this person for the rest of your life and always have them in some part of your mind, but love is something that can always be found again. I know, I have found it several times. :) Voted up! Great hub! Excellent message! :)


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