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Apperances May Be Deceiving

Updated on March 20, 2014

Mother Theresa once said" If you judge people, you have no time to love them,"

Take this phrase and analyze its deep meaning ; it is true that judgments interfere with many of our relationships. They give us a sense of righteousness, but sometimes what is really happening is that some people are not getting what they want from the other person or they are not doing what they think is best for them. It is more challenging to be loving, accepting and kind when the person in front of us is not acting the way we want them to. People ignore the truth about how they feel when someone acted towards them in a particular situation. And that is when they will start judging others, not because they were mistaken once, but because in reality them want to be like those being judged.

Why do people put so much effort on personal appearances? What's behind the phrase appearances may be deceptive?

Nowadays ,in this world of technology, people put much importance on personal appearances and fashions. Unfortunately,many people hide themselves with unpleasant masks,covering their true and pure looks, in order to be accepted by the society. It is disappointing to see how they even create their own lies and we as victims tend to believe them. They create a fantasy world, where they believe that they can attract even the greatest inventors; they just focus on themselves and want others to envy them and wish they were in their shoes. This is not to offend anyone or pointing at someone special but is the reality that we are living nowadays The subject of well appearances has become a contributing factor among population. Some people are so obsessed with their looks that they start focusing on how to change their whole image, primarily and sadly due to media and technology. They try to imitate celebrities and models so they get the perfect compliments from others, they believe they are unique,which makes them put more efforts on their physical looking . Many would go insane just to be a copy of a famous model for instance.

Medical technology, dermatology and aesthetical treatments have been major factors in making people become more decorative. They positively have affected the society into attracting people to cover themselves with fakeness .Sadly, sadly and sadly they don't accept themselves as they are ,It doesn't mean that I am against surgery ,but it doesn't mean as well that I am with the complete make over of the person. They think that wearing showy costume, with a full make up set on their faces(if she is a woman),or even showing others that they are the supernatural ,powerful that they don't have any kind of barrier to stop them from being so successful. They even discriminate people based on their appearances,for example if you are not a person that wears a specific kind of name brand clothes,you are less likely to be popular among this specific high class group or if your appearance in unacceptable as a norm of society, you will be not accepted as well.

Some people are only looking at the outer layers of others and they tend to fall into their temptations. If you want to deal with an ordinary life, integrating with others, you should be yourself ,as natural as possible. Being honest and sincere, not just making up silly lies to make others believe that you are important, are the key to success. Stop hiding and covering your true self with fake masks. It is a competing world we live in, such that people are so materialistic ,brainwashed and think of perfectionism as their main goal. In my opinion it is waste of time digging into fakeness ,without realizing the true meaning of their lives .They are caught up in superficial things ,that they even lost the attention from their loved ones. It is more sad to know that some people get depressed, sad and insecure about their appearance, instead of valuing and appreciating themselves for who they are .

Those who really focus on outer appearance need to trust themselves more and be their own friends,accept their weakness and they have to try to focus on their mistakes instead of reflecting their problems indirectly using the judging strategy and enjoying hurting others.Often we will find there is so much beauty when we are less judgmental and more loving. We can enjoy the essence of another person and the moment we are sharing together instead of judging them and seeing their weakness.


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    • profile image

      BlueSeaK 3 years ago

      I totally agree that there is a deep meaning behind each Mother Terresa quotes especially in this particular one ! I believe the intentions of a personal experience in life plays a role in manipulating the mind and letting judgment take place & discard love . In order to keep our love and compassion toward others we need to have balance between what's in our Heart and what's in our Mind ! "Average" is what makes us all in peace :)

      Great article for discussion !

      Thanks for sharing

    • Soraya Y profile image

      Soraya Y 3 years ago from Atlanta

      Thank you Bill for your comments and encouragement and I am sure that you are a very natural and non-materialistic person ! I can see that through your amazing hubs and people who always comment on your articles . You are a great example of uniqueness!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Well, if you saw me right now you would know how little importance I put on outer appearances. :) Very good points here.