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Appreciation is good for the soul.

Updated on February 25, 2013

Everything is connected.

I know it seems weird to say but everything is connected. Tiny atoms attract each other and stars of unimaginable size orbit around each other. If you look at your friends list on facebook you will see the many people you have in common with your friends. When you are learning about psychology you find out that everything in your brain is connected. It is the same with anatomy, everything in your body is connected. With every action there is a reaction.

The reason I bring this up in this hub about appreciation is this: everything you do to people around you echoes inside of you. When you are able to look around at the people in your life and truly appreciate them. I am not just talking about appreciating what they do for you, I am talking about them as people. When you can appreciate them that will help you be able to appreciate things inside yourself. Appreciation, like love, grows when it is expressed.

Having appreciation for others leaves you able to be more open and accepting. Being open and accepting is the first step to really being able to love yourself. Now I am sure that there are people out there who only love themselves and don't actually love other people. I am not talking about that. That sort of thing is a sickness all in itself. I am talking about honest healthy acceptance of yourself.

Its not hard to look at each day and find something to appreciate. I challenge everyone who reads this to find at least one thing every day, whether it be nature related or something someone did for you, anything to find appreciation in.


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