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Are People Born Gay? Or is it a lifestyle choice?

Updated on May 8, 2015

''Equal rights'' belong to everyone ''equally'' (all photos are from various sources that encourage sharing them) (Moveon,ACLU, HRC,Gaypride,MSNBC,etc)

Wisdom of Einstein
Wisdom of Einstein
The serenity prayer
The serenity prayer | Source
The perils of separating one's self from the rest of humanity
The perils of separating one's self from the rest of humanity | Source
There is NO gay agenda except in the minds of those without understanding
There is NO gay agenda except in the minds of those without understanding | Source
Passing judgement on others is not acceptable
Passing judgement on others is not acceptable
Equal rights
Equal rights
Voting on equal rights is an infringement on equality in itself
Voting on equal rights is an infringement on equality in itself | Source

Are people born "gay"?

Are People Born Gay?

What an absurd question.

Apparently there is not enough education, or even logic, on this subject.

We are all still prisoners to the religious fanatics.

After reading this hub and watching the videos - please take a moment to reflect how each of us contribute to this hatred, intolerance, distrust, and ignorance against a minority of people who have no choice in their inherent "preferences" of who they fall in love with.

When superstition trumps logic

So, are people born gay?.....

I just read a few articles that state that their 'quotes' from their bible are fact.

One must wonder if these people also believe in Santa Clause, Alice in Wonderland, or perhaps Mickey Mouse? After all, Mickey is seen walking through the crowds at Disney world every day; Santa comes once a year with presents and gifts; and Jesus walked on water.

Lets try to apply a little logic to this ignorant question and set it to rest once and for all.

We can start by setting up a graph.

Just Draw a straight line across a piece of paper. On one end of the line write (or print) the word FEMALE. On the other end of the line write (or print) the word MALE. (see illustration below)

In the very center of that line write (or print) the word HERMAPHRODITE.

For those who do not know what this word means Websters dictionary defines it as follows;

1. an animal or plant (and yes, this includes humans) having both male and female reproductive organs.

2. something that is a combination of diverse elements.

3. homosexual. (Which is an untruth unto itself). If a person is born with both sex organs that are functional then how could they possibly be considered homosexual?

If some people still do not understand what the word Hermaphrodite means, please look it up on the Internet, to get to see a picture, or two. But for God's sake, we must stop passing judgments on something we cannot possibly understand unless we are born with this phenomenon.

Now, assuming that Webster is not Satan, and the dictionary is not banned by one's religion, one would have to conclude that this is a true birth status statement.

Now on this graft: draw little lines up and down between the far left, the far right; and the middle; and conclude that if there are such things as Male, Female, and Hermaphrodite, that there also has to be variations of each somewhere in between.

These birth anomalies are NOT ''learned'' attributes.

Logical deductions

The Graph of Logical Deductions:


We are all the individual products of mother nature at her best (or worst).

Frankly if we were all born bisexual in the first place this would never have been an issue. It begs us to wonder if the Creator made an error in judgement, or could not foresee the future results of the follies of mankind.

The follies of man

Mankind has already determined that they can do a better job of producing foods by genetic alterations, thereby implying that God has made a mistake in his creation of the foods we ingest as nourishment.

Therefore one can only conclude that by attacking people with birth anomalies mankind is also suggesting that God has made another 'error' with his creation of mankind itself.

Logic dictates that we stop this inane rhetoric and accept the fact that Gay folks are indeed born that way and have as much "right" to exist as everyone else on this planet.

No amount of prayer, psychotherapy, surgery, "conversion therapy", or other witchcraft, is ever going to change that fact.

No passages in any ancient book can negate these facts, also concluding that one or the other is in error. I would highly suggest that you look at the "ancient scriptures" as the one being in error and not mother nature.

We cannot discount all the other things appropriated as evil in the 'scriptures' that are ignored and just home in on one thing that obviously was misinterpreted in the first place, from the original text.

Otherwise, the logical conclusion must be that it arose out of the ignorance of the original authors and is being perpetuated throughout each generation by false, illogical, and superstitious beliefs.

There is no excuse for this kind of ignorance in this day and age.

Evolutionary survival

When we take a look at the evolutionary process of mankind over the past 2+ thousand years, we must wonder where it all will end. Without some constraints on the reproduction process of humans, our planet will certainly run out of food and other resources in the not too distant future.

In the Creators' infinite wisdom it would not be beyond any comprehensible belief that they (the creators) had a definite "contingency" plan to save humanity ( and the planet that gives us what we need to survive), was not inherently part of the plan for mankind as well

The age of miracles is not past, but rather an ongoing phenomenon that humans still do not have the capability of understanding.

A simple "genetic shifting" that "creates" individuals that will not reproduce would certainly be the logical more humane "plan" to save humanity from itself and its unfettered reproduction.

Politicians and religious leaders try to live in the past beliefs that what they know is all there is to know. Fighting evolution by condemning those who are part of the solution from the perils of over population is more of an affront to the universal intelligence than the spread of hatred and killing each other off for personal profits.

God makes no mistakes.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said of mankind.

by: d.william 09/01/10

Teenage Struggles

Human cruelty - today's societal shame


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