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Are Women Super-beings?

Updated on April 22, 2011

“Able to leap over buildings in a single bound” is what most women think that they should be able to do, but in reality, we are not whichever superhero that was, and we are not just not able to do it.  I don’t think any amount of energy drinks will give us that energy either.  I think it may even be a male superhero that leaps over the buildings but I am not really sure.

When it comes to being a woman, we are expected to do so much and rarely get a word of thanks for it.  While I am not a wife and mother, I see this happening all around me and the women run themselves ragged and they are just taken for granted in the meantime by whomever they are doing the work for.

Women have been breed to think that they have to do all these things – have the children and take care of them plus the house and all that is associated with that.  And in the last several decades, many women have also taken to working outside the home to help with the finances but they are not given a break on their other duties.  Meanwhile, their husband comes home, pops a cold one and sits down on the couch until supper is ready.  (And yes, I know these are stereotypes and not every home exists like this).

I watch several of my co-workers go through this struggle as they know they are safe to complain about it at work where the majority of employees are women in the same situation.  I have one co-worker who would like to hire someone to come in and clean house because she just does not have the energy to do it, but her husband has no desire to have someone in.  As a result, she continues to do it to whatever ability she is capable and continues to dream of a cleaner.  I do not see any reason why she cannot make this decision but that is something between the two of them.  Personally, I feel that if you can afford it, and it does not become a financial burden, why not?

Many of us women dream of hiring someone to come in and help us out.  Whether it is a personal chef, a cleaner or someone else, we all have a lot on our plate and are looking for ways to outsource and keep our sanity.


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