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Are You Compatible With a Taurus? Knowing The Taurus Personality

Updated on November 8, 2015

Taurus Compatibilities

Taurus is known to be steady and determined in everything that she does. It keeps her focused in the goals that she has in life. Unfortunately there are some instances where a Taurus may feel tired and lazy, which can ruin the plans that she has in life. But ones she gets on track, she can become as creative as possible to make up with the lost time that happened along the way. She can also be very honest with everyone if she dos something wrong to ruin the plans the she had, because she don't believe that lying will change everything.

A comfortable living is what a Taurus craves, which is why she always do everything to make her life easier. She is also very independent in life and doesn't want to rely on anyone for her happiness. She is also fond of things that are expensive, which is why shopping is usually her therapy for everything.

Taurus with Aries

Taurus has an imaginative mind when it comes to bed, and this will make an Aries be annoyed at times. The Aries will then find time to just entertain himself, instead of being annoyed with the Taurus. When it come to money, Taurus is good in making a lot of money while Aries is good in spending. This can cause conflicts if they don't start understanding each other. Marriage for Taurus and Aries will require hard work, but it will usually not last.

Taurus with Cancer

The combination of Taurus and Cancer would be ideal, because both of them are very affectionate and very loving towards each other. Just like the Taurus, Cancer is also very imaginative which makes them more compatible with each other. They won't have a hard time pleasing each other that much, because they both know how to please each other without making too much effort. The Cancer may become moody at times, but Taurus will definitely understand this trait perfectly. The marriage for both Taurus and Cancer will surely work well and be successful in the long run.

Taurus with Libra

The Taurus and Libra combination may have common traits, such as being in love with music and arts. But they don't have more traits in common unlike other signs. Both of them are definitely compatible in bed, since they are both fond of experimenting and being imaginative. On the other hand, marriage may not be that ideal for both of them since feeling their love for each other won't usually last long.

Taurus with Capricorn

The combination of Taurus and Capricorn will surely make a successful marriage. The reason behind this is because both of them understand each other's traits. They both have the passion to make more money and they always ensure each other's safeties. On the other hand, Taurus will have to understand the Capricorn's sensitivity at times to avoid big conflicts then can sometimes ruin relationships. But overall they both make a good couple.

Taurus with Taurus

The compatibility of the same Taurus zodiac sign is not ideal because both of them are eager to ensure each other's safety. They are both not compatible when it comes to sex, since the woman Taurus will too sentimental about love, while the man will prefer going out often with other men for a guy's night out. On a different note, both of them are passionate in working hard and creating money. But when it comes to marriage, it is impossible.

Taurus with Gemini

The combination of Taurus and Gemini may be good at first, since both of them will be intrigued with each other's traits. They will first enjoy the companion of each other, but will eventually get tired. Taurus may sometimes react very slow, which can irritate the Gemini. When it comes to bed, Gemini may abstain and become moody, which will irritate the Taurus. Marriage for both of them is unsuccessful because of the complications that they may experience along the way.

Taurus with Leo

The combination of Taurus with Leo won't work well because of the many obstacles that may come their way. If both of them can handle the problems well then there wouldn't be a problem. Leo will think that he is more dominant than Taurus, and Taurus will try to understand this trait. But eventually she will grew tired and will end the relationship. Marriage for this combination will be unsuccessful because of the many obstacles along the way.

Taurus with Virgo

This combination of Taurus and Virgo will be nice for quite some time because both of them prefer relaxing at home. On the other hand, Taurus' eagerness to experiment in bed will make the Virgo be surprised and irritated. Marriage for both of them is possible but deep understanding is necessary.

Taurus with Scorpio

The Taurus and Scorpio combination will be extremely hot in bed, as both of them will enjoy giving pleasure to each other. The only problem that may occur is when one of them becomes too possessive in the relationship. Marriage may be possible for this combination, for as long as they can tolerate each other's traits.

Taurus with Sagittarius

Taurus and Sagittarius have very different traits, which makes their relationship last for a short period of time. When it comes to sex both of them will enjoy pleasuring each other, but once Taurus starts searching for love Sagittarius will definitely be annoyed. Marriage can only last for a short period of time.

Taurus with Aquarius

The combination of Taurus and Aquarius is not the most ideal matches in the zodiac sign. The reason behind this is because Aquarius will always find someone who he can be in love with, while Taurus will have a hard time dealing with this kind of issue. Marriage is unsuccessful for this combination.

Taurus with Pisces

The Taurus and Pisces combination will have a very successful marriage because of their happy traits. They have the passion to please each other in different kinds of ways. This is the reason why they have a high chance of succeeding when it comes to marriage.


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    • HattieMattieMae profile image


      5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      I think people forget that when you have a chart, you have a sun, moon, and asscendent. They all have an affect on you, so most of the time people are only looking at one sign, when many affect your life, as well as planets in your individual chart.


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