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Why Online Dating Makes Sense

Updated on June 25, 2019
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I have devoted my life to studying human behavior and social evolution. I love sharing the best of my knowledge with those interested.


Online Dating Is the best Path to a Successful Romantic Relationship

Maybe you are shooting your foot and losing opportunities for a successful romantic life by not taking advantage of online dating.

We are living in a world characterized by movement, speed and plenty of choices. Every day we have a responsibility to invest our time and select wisely from millions of activities to do only those things that are worthy and can give us some benefits.

Have you watched any terrible program on TV while you hope something better will come soon? Some of us are only waiting for something better to happen or someone better to appear in our life. If you are just like me probably, you have been out many times expecting to meet a real nice partner or your soulmate. You are tired of listening to people saying, “You are too picky, and you should settle for less” or “You have to kiss many frogs to find a prince” If this had happened to you. It’s because you are not taking full advantage of the digital era and all its resources such as Dating Apps. You are not living like your ancestors, are you? Therefore, you should not date as your grandparents did.


Dating Apps Simplifies Finding a Partner

Nowadays, we can determine what kind of food, clothes, cars, jobs, religion, etc. we want. Our lifestyle is completely different from any previous generation. We have broken past mental’s paradigms. We accept that our happiness and fulfillment are the primordial motivation in our life. We are assertive, we are unafraid of searching for more, we have learned to say no, or that one is a better fit for me. Thanks to our interconnected world, now we can design our dates and find the perfect match or life companion. Dating apps are preventing us from losing opportunities and wasting our time.

Using a Dating App will enable you to enter all the important characteristics that your perfect date or partner must have. You can include anything that is invaluable for you and being completely honest when describing what you want. The most important feature for me, and probably for you as well is that it can filter those who have anything that you hate. This feature will save you from going out on horrible, disastrous dates.

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Advantage of Online Dating.

The smartest decision you can make is to put all your available resources to work for you. Our time here on earth is extremely limited. The odds to meet a perfect match for us are pretty low if we are just visiting some clubs, attending many parties, or gathering around with our fellows. Even though you could meet various possible good candidates, most of the time, at the end of the day, they were nothing more than a waste of time. Here is where a Dating App will take care of the hassle.


Online Dating Can Save You from Horrible Dates

A dating app or dating website after you select the essential characteristics to look for and to avoid those that you hate, it starts to screen and eliminate the unwanted ones. It delivers to you an extensive list of possible candidates that match with all your values and selection criteria. Afterward, you get all the needed info about those potential candidates. You can read their bio, look their pictures, learn about their hobbies, jobs, dreams, partner expectation, etc. The information provided will give you a clear idea about the person you are watching, in just a couple of minutes you will know more of that person than in a pair of dates. This feature enhances your possibilities to find an excellent date and if you want, a life companion.

Using a dating app saves you thousands of hours, and if you are like me very shy, it increases your chances to find a great date. It’s easier to text someone, initially just chatting and exchanging a few mail will break the ice. After some texts or emails exchange for some time, you can decide if you want to meet this person by video-call and later in real life, or just move on, and pick a different one with no hard feelings. You can be natural and 100% real. You are in a place, where everyone is just selecting based on clear guidelines, therefore by being the real you, the odds to find a perfect match increase.


Dating Apps Save Your Time

Additionally, a dating app gives you the possibility to hold several talks at the same time to as many prospects as your heart wants. It’s optimizing your time in a way that in personal dates would be impossible. You can use the dating app everywhere and at any moment without any restriction, and you can filter anybody that you find unfit for your search.

Once you take advantage of a dating app, you will ask yourself, how could you live without it? These dating apps are like the cellphone or the Internet; you always remember how the first time you used it was, and how it helps to make your life easier and better.


Online Dating Romanticism

It doesn’t take away the romanticism. In fact, the dating app promotes it, because you are talking and dating someone that you are really interested in meeting. Both ends of the date know what the other is trying to find, what his /her interests are. This make everything in the dating scene goes smoothly and goal oriented. Therefore, you have firsthand knowledge of what the date expectation is.


Dating Apps Are Useful

The technology has brought comfort, security, and improvement of our everyday life. Behaving like our ancestor is a complete waste of time. If you are not using all the available resources, you are hurting yourself. We are not selfish. We just have learned that we build our life experience and we are only responsible for having a happy and fulfilled life. If you wonder why the divorce rate is incredibly high, maybe this is because they didn’t use dating apps. They settle for less since they were not in a position to meet a better one.

Dating apps are just as marvelous inventions as all social networks; this was created to help us to have a better life than the previous generations. A dating app is your safest bet to find a worthy partner.

Currently finding a date to go out or a companion for a wedding party, a life partner or your soulmate is easier than ever. You can be a successful person, and find yours equally successfully with the same goals and values than your true love. Today nobody is using the telegraph to send urgent messages. We are required to accept that our world now is very different than it was 20 years ago. We are determined to get the most out of our lifetime. We need to utilize every possible existing resource to find success, happiness, and fulfillment. Why would you settle for less?


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