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Are you angry?

Updated on December 30, 2012

ANGER is the most commonly found emotion these days the level and intensity of which fluctuates greatly among individuals!!!!!!!

1. ANGER IN YOUNGSTERS (Age 18 - 25) : It is most easily and rapidly induced in people of this age and can have long term and short term effects.

Symptoms : Sore jaw with clenched teeth:P ,dilated eyes, extreme headache, tense and stretched muscles.

Causes : Superiority and inferiority complexes,beauty consciousness in females,low increments to workers induce strong anger in them;),reminder of responsibilities to youngsters by parents,late text replies by dear ones,differences in status and living of friends,discriminating love of parents at times for siblings.

Cure : Avoid disturbing vicinity and company of teasing ,pompous people,involve yourself in creative activities and be first to spread love rather than waiting for others to love you first:)

2. ANGER IN ADULTS (AGE 35 - 50) : Persistent levels of anger are observed in adults with internal resistance and endurance at times.

Symptoms : Slight headache,frequent consumption of tea or coffee,clenched fists,tensile muscles,pale skin,door bangs:p,abusive language .

Causes : Low incomes to drive home,very low increments to professionals,:P,wrinkled skin showing signs of aging in females,baldness and protruded bellies in males reminding them of their youth :P,social and economic differences, family matters,increasing number of kids for which expenditure becomes difficult,annoying mother in laws;),difficult daughter in laws.

Cure : Apply yes boss policy for best benefits and increments,caps and stylish hats could be worn to hide baldness:p and gym must be a regularity for fitness:),family issues must be sensibly looked into and solved,daughter in laws must be loved and mother in laws must be hugged in whatever circumstances are,exchange of gifts should be very common to spread love,and above all females should practice it is proved to be the best remedy than any cosmetic:) slap therapy for 15 min each day to avoid wrinkled skin.

3. ANGER IN OLDIES (AGE 65 - 85) : It is not very violent in people of this age however some chronic cases always exist.

Symptoms : loitering here and there,:( sudden abusing:( blaming their kids or scolding them :(, shaking limbs, chattering teeth, weakness, slurred speech:(

Causes : Ignorance by their loved ones!

Cure : Just a little attention making them feel that they really are important for their kids always:)


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      7 years ago

      With the holidays having just passed and spending more time with our families, some emotions such as anger were quick to occur. I am not proud of this but, I didn't know how to keep it from happening either. I enjoyed reading your hub and it made me realize how quick we are to anger. Voted up and awesome.


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