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How social friendly you really are?

Updated on June 27, 2016

Do you feel socially inferior? Communicating with people is too much to ask from you? Are you lacking even the basic social interacting skills? If that's the case, well you are among one of those people with social phobia.

Being the most civilized species, we are undoubtedly depending on others to survive. Exchange of information between us makes us the part and parcel of the social friendly society. Some have it in their very genes, the good skills of interaction with the people. While some others who succumb to their inferior fears of friendly interaction with people around them. Most of the people having social phobia tend to evade the situations where the verbal communication takes place, so as to avoid the embarrassing events. Usually a person feels anxious or nervousness while meeting someone new or doing something for the first time is quite common, but people with social issues tend to think and worry about those things way before they are actually going to happen.

Honestly, none of us would want themselves to be treated apart from others. Each one among us likes to have their own share fun and explore this majestic world around us fueling our knowledge and wisdom, but some us get tend to miss the basic joys in their lives thinking of the awkward situation which they never may face. For those kind of fears, there some suggestions which could get them out of this unwanted mental asylum.

  1. Never hesitate to speak the truth : Don't be the one who always speaks in the favor of people around you in order to not hurt their feelings. Always speak your heart out, not your brain
  2. Don't be a social chameleon : People with social fears change their way of speaking, talking depending on the others whom they are with. Avoid this fear of losing the relationship with them. Stay the way you are, whom so ever you are with.
  3. Don't avoid the social gatherings : People with social terrors will always be likely to evade the events which needs the social interaction. Stop over thinking about what is about to happen and simply deal with it.
  4. Don't kill the inner "YOU" :To make themselves socially acceptable, social-phobiacs often sacrifice their natural behavior and real way of living their life. Don't do that.
  5. Build up your social confidence : Always be confident in dealing the tasks. Take everyday as mission to improve your social skills with unflinching confidence.
  6. Create yourself a friendly company : Always make sure to surround yourself with people with positive attitude. Be with the people who respect your way of dealing the things and encourage you.
  7. Make use of social media : Facebook, twitter, instagram..there are many social platforms which helps to get interacted with people over the internet which definetly relieves atleast some of the social pains people have.

Making sure to follow all the above suggestions and take it as a mission to make yourself a happy and happening social individual. Finally, make sure to remember one formula of happiness that is We are born to live our life. Not to impress others. Thinking of what others think about us is the root of all the social terrors in us and try to make it vanish following mentioned suggestions.

How many of the above mentioned suggestions you feel must be implemented in your life?

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