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Are You Enchanted By His Confidence?

Updated on April 7, 2014
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

There is something very sexy about a confident man—that it's almost enchanting.

Have you ever met a man who's incredibly good looking, nice physique, great smile and knows how to woo a woman, but lacks confidence? This guy's insecurities—which is usually mixed with jealousy, not only makes him less attractive every time he shows this side of himself, (or displays this behavior) it also becomes impossible to deal with—a complete turnoff.

When you are around a guy who is confident, it almost doesn't matter what he looks like, if he's not in the perfect shape, how he dresses or if he's shorter than what you are used to dating. A guy who's self-assured will radiate this feeling amongst every person he meets and every room he walks into. He will not only become one of the best looking men you have every seen, you'll also find his body extremely appealing, the way he dresses sexy (although most men who are confident, usually dress to fit the part), and if he's on the shorter side—he will become the tallest guy in the room. This guys confidence leaves you enchanted—you can't get him out of your mind, nor do you want to.

Being around a guy who isn't racked with insecurities is a breath of fresh air. A confident man will have no problem complementing you or blending easily when meeting family and friends. This guy doesn't see situations or other men as a threat—instead it's the complete opposite. If situations arise whether at work or in his personal life, he will think outside the box to solve the issue—conquering the situation, verses letting the situation conquer him. If you are out with a guy who is confident and other men approach you, he will stand by your side (verses storming out and leaving) and engage in the conversation—never letting other men intimidate him. In fact, this type of guy will usually befriend any guy that "thinks" he could win your heart over his.

A confident man will be the sexiest man you will ever date. His words are sexy, the way he looks at you is sexy, the way he dresses is sexy, the way he carries himself is sexy, even the way he engages and touches you is sexy.

The first time you kiss this type of guy, will be bewitching. A confident guy will not ask to kiss you (that's what an unassured man would do)—he will asset and feel the moment, knowing exactly when to go in for the kiss. A kiss with him is never forced or unwelcome—by the time he is ready to kiss you—you are so captivated and more than ready to receive it. Maybe it's just how self-assured he is or maybe you will never know, but his kisses are as magical as pixie dust—making you feel as if you're floating on air every time your lips touch his.

A confident guy will set the bar high when it comes to how he treats women. Since most confident men are usually chivalrous, he will put out all the stops when dating you. He will not only shower you with complements, he will also plan romantic dates—never expecting you to drive, and choosing venues that he knows you would enjoy. A guy who's confident tends to be a great listener, great supporter, great lover and a great cook—cha-Ching!

Although at first glance it can be hard to tell the difference between a confident man and a cocky man—there are definitely huge differences. Just because a guy is born with "GQ" looks doesn't mean that he has the confidence to back it up. Frankly, with a cocky man, his looks will usually go to his head—giving him an uncontrollable ego, and a world wind of wicked issues.

Difference Between Confident and Cocky:

  1. A confident man moves with grace and assurance. A cocky man—with arrogance.
  2. A confident man isn't threatened by other men—he will embrace them. A cocky man will feel threatened—needing to "showoff" in order to make himself feel better.
  3. A confident man will treat you with respect. A guy who's cocky doesn't know or value the word respect unless it has to do with himself.
  4. A confident man will see you as "the prize." A cocky man will consider himself the prize.
  5. A confident man will put in the work to keep the relationship. A cocky man will consider you lucky to be with him.
  6. A confident man will put your needs first. A cocky man will put his own needs first—personally, emotionally and physically.
  7. A confident man doesn't "play games." A cocky man is usually full of games—not calling, breaking plans last minute, making you wait to see him).
  8. A confident man will make the effort to plan dates. A guy who's cocky won't take the time to plan dates—if he does, it's usually casual, in a group setting, during happy hour and usually close to where he lives or at his house.
  9. A confident man won't have a problem communicating. A cocky guy doesn't feel he needs to, "you should just know."
  10. A confident man will listen to why you are unhappy and make an effort to change his behavior. Men who are cocky are usually bad listeners and don't feel there is ever anything to change or work on when it comes to themselves—it's you, never them.
  11. A confident man will admit when he's wrong. A cocky man always thinks he's right.
  12. A confident man never has to tell you how great he is, you just know by the way he carries himself. A cocky guy will make sure that he shows you his car, talks about money, how great he is and will flex his muscles—whenever he can.
  13. Confident men are generally nice guys (not pushovers) because they are not driven by ego or conceit. Cocky men might seem nice at first, but it's usually suffused with smugness and superiority.

Ladies, if you have dated men who have either lacked confidence, are cocky or conceded, being with a confident man can make you feel like Cinderella when she realizes that the glass slipper she's trying on fits her foot perfectly. When you are with someone who's self-assured, you not only feel confident yourself, but more sexier than you ever have felt before.


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