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Are You Open To Love Finding You Anywhere?

Updated on December 28, 2015
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

It can be so easy to say that you want love but then in the same breath have stipulations about when and where that should happen—in turn, closing yourself off to the process of love. Ladies, we are very guilty of doing this.

Yes, there are more ideal situations versus others as to where you think is best to meet a guy, however that doesn't mean that you should close down your heart when you are in a situation that you have deemed as "not a great place to find a guy." Stop rolling your eyes and claiming that you are open to meeting a guy anywhere...we all have places in mind that we wouldn't think a quality guy would be at. When this occurs, we don't realize that we have emotionally closed ourselves off—becoming standoffish.

What would happen if you kept an open mind and an open heart to places that are different than you might be used to meeting a guy? Yes, it's easy to rely on dating sites and Apps, or the hope that your friends will one day fix you up or that you will meet a guy at a charity or wedding event, however why not broaden your options—bringing you even closer to the possibility of love?

Love is everywhere if you just open your eyes. There are so many places where love might be trying to find you if you are paying attention....

1. The Gym—I get it girl, you are there to get your workout on and unless you are one of those women who feel they need to get dolled up to go work out (insecurity problem) then you might be questioning why a guy would want to talk to you with no makeup on, sweaty, and out of breath. Believe me ladies, for many, many men that is their perfect vision (if you know what I mean) and men also tend to find a woman most attractive when she isn't trying so hard to look her best. Next time you're on a treadmill, workout machine, or walking around the gym—turn your music down and take a moment to glance never know what gym hotty might want to spot you.

2. Night Club or Bar—when you are in your 20's this might seem like the perfect place to meet a guy, however as you get older—not so much, right? The quality of guy you are looking for wouldn't go to a night club or bar—Really?—so what are you doing there? Often, there are men who aren't necessarily "club/bar guys"—they either go out on occasion or are out celebrating a friend’s event or they were dragged out by their friends. Don't judge when you are also out. Realistically there are more hookups than relationships that tend to occur in this type of setting, however I have many friends who met their spouses at a bar/club. Find a happy medium when you go out...somewhere between not desperately seeking for a relationship to happen or being extremely closed off that no man wants to talk to you. Instead, open yourself to the possibility that a connection could happen the second you take that scowl off your face, remove any negative thoughts and enjoy your never know who might approach you.

3. Grocery Store—this is not a place that many women would envision meeting a guy since usually you are either running into the store to get something quickly or distracted by your long list of things you need to buy or possibly the conversation your having on the phone while shopping. Although meeting a guy at a grocery store might sound more romantic comedy can happen—in fact I have had several men approach me and ask me out at a grocery store. Next time you're walking around the store and choosing your products know that there may be a cute guy who'd like to choose you...don't be so preoccupied that you're not aware.

4. Gas Station—most women want a man who owns a car but we never think that a gas station is a place to potentially meet a guy. As a single gal, you are doing all your gas pumping by yourself and so are Lots of men. Yes, gas stations are not glitz and glamour however if you have a car, gas will run out and you have to get more if you want your car to keep running. That fact is also true when it comes to men and their cars. Know that most men won't want you to feel uncomfortable—aka: make you think he's trying to rob, steal your car or panhandle—by approaching you. Instead of looking down or being on your phone or even sitting in your car (not a great idea while pumping gas)—look up—you never know what sexy guy might be looking at you and trying to make eye contact.

5. Restaurant—often when you're out with your friends or family to dinner your mind set isn't on meeting a guy but there are many men who will dine alone or with colleagues or groups of friends and will notice you. I'm not saying to stop being present while dining with other people—just be open to being approached in case a guy wants to come over and say hi.

6. Work—although work isn't ideal for many people it can be a great place to meet a guy especially if you work for a large company and don't work in the same department or you are switching companies soon. If you are a woman who works a great deal and there isn't a "no company dating rule" policy, this could be the perfect scenario for you.

7. Airport—we all hope that the empty seat that hasn't been filled yet will have a sexy guy who ends up sitting next to us on the airplane but usually the person who sits next to you is quite the opposite. Instead of waiting until you board the plane, get to the airport early, look up versus straight ahead or down and get off your phone as you are walking through the airport. There are lots of attractive men who are traveling—sitting in the bars or dining area, waiting to board or getting something from one of the shops. If you are not preoccupied with other things you might find great guy to connect with who also lives in your same state or if you don't mind long distance there are more opportunities that could await you.

8. Vacation—for many women the thought of meeting a guy on vacation is off putting...but why? Here's the thing, I get it...the odds of meeting a guy who lives in your same state while vacationing is like finding a needle in a haystack. Or, if you want more than a vacation boyfriend then the odds of finding and developing something more serious with a guy can be even more difficult. What would happen if you could let go of worrying where he lives and instead be open to the potential of meeting someone while you are traveling? The right guy will work hard to make the relationship work and that includes planning trips to see you and vice versa. Sometimes the best time to meet a guy is when you are more relaxed while vacationing.

Ladies, although this list is just a few places—love is truly everywhere—you just need to expand your heart and your mind. When you are open to the experience of meeting a guy anywhere, you will likely have many exciting dating opportunities ahead.


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    • Miss-Adventures profile image

      Stephanie Bailey 2 years ago from Denver

      Thank you maryRB and thank you for reading.

    • profile image

      maryRB 2 years ago

      Very interesting article. Being open to possibilities is always a good idea.

    • Miss-Adventures profile image

      Stephanie Bailey 2 years ago from Denver

      Thank you dashingscoripo! And great point, " it's not about where you meet but (whom) you meet!"...I love that!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      Great advice!

      "Love is everywhere if you just open your eyes." - Very true.

      The reality is most of us spend more time looking for ways to exclude or weed out people. Naturally it is good to know what one wants.

      However it's another thing to rule people out based upon (where) you meet. After all if (you) are there it's possible other "quality people" are there as well. It would be arrogant of us to believe otherwise.

      The less options we allow ourselves the more difficult it is to find love.

      It's not about where you meet but (whom) you meet!