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Are You Turned Off By His Mush-Mouth? -Stephanie Bailey

Updated on March 3, 2014
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

A smile says a thousands words....
Although basic hygiene (i.e. clean fingers nails, short fingernails and toenails, trimmed nose and ears, manscaping, etc.) is an important factor for a man you are interested in dating, for some woman, having a guy with a great smile and overall mouth cleanliness is just as high on their priority list.
Meeting a guy that you instantly connect with is thrilling to say the least. However, being 100% sure just how attracted you really are can be deceiving—especially if you add a few alcoholic drinks and a very, very dimly lit room. Under these circumstances, mixed with the fact that you were locking lips earlier, your decision making is a little skewed when you decided give your number out.
The things about alcohol—it can mask a lot of things. The more you drink, the better looking he becomes and the less likely you are to notice if he has bad breath, overly stained (or crooked) teeth, cold sores, extensively receding gums or really red gums (can you say gingivitis!)…and if you're really "lucky"...he has more than one of these!
There is definitely a horrific feeling that is felt when you see this same guy you were tonguing down the night before in full light, and he doesn't look quite like you remembered. How did you not notice the mush—we'll call his mouth? Oh, that's right, you were mesmerized by his charming personality and good looks topped with several the martinis you consumed. Trying to hide the shock on your face can be a difficult task, especially if you are like me and wear your expressions all over your face.
We all have qualities that are important and if a great smile is on the top of your list—and his is everything opposite of that—having your stomach turn at the thought that you actually kissed him would be natural. At this point, freaking out might be expected since you're on a date and there is nowhere to run and hide without being completely rude—which I'm sure you have contemplated.
You should never have to question when a man opens his mouth if he owns a mirror, has ever used a toothbrush or been to the dentist. How could he possibly think that what's inside his mouth or the smell that's coming out his mouth is OK!! How is it possible that this man has either never visited the dentist, or if he has, why hasn't his dentist said anything, and if so, why isn't he doing anything about it?
Wouldn’t you think that if you drink several cups of coffee every day, drink red wine a few nights a week, consume dark soda drinks, smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco you would put more of an effort into keeping your teeth white? Why would you want the whole world to know your bad habits each time you smile? The more bad habits, the more your teeth will stain…it’s not rocket science! A person’s mouth represents hygiene. A few crooked big deal, but bad breath all the time (and potential gum disease)…noooo thank you!
Ladies, it can be hard if you find yourself in this predicament…do you just end it, or do you find a way to try and tell him what all of his friends should have told him? If you like this guy and I mean really like him, then you need to find a polite way to break the news. Believe me, you can’t ignore the mush, and it usually gets worse—to the point where the attraction you had for him will start to!
Here’s my recommendation: if it’s his breath, suggest your dentist. If his teeth are overly-stained: get him whitening strips or encourage him to get them professionally whitened. If his teeth are extremely crooked, mentionVeneers…‘cause nobody wants to kiss a snaggle tooth, right?
Bottom line, some men need to be told how to take better care of their hygiene. If this is a man worth investing your time in, help him get rid of his mush…before his Mush-Mouth comes between you.


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