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Are Men Romantic

Updated on December 19, 2010

Are Men Romantic?

All too often men get a bad rap when it comes to romance. Too many women feel that men are just not romantic, period. Well I am here to tell you that is wrong.

Are there Un-Romantic men out there? Yes, there are. But perhaps they are that way merely because they have not been taught what women find romantic or they've been led to believe that it is ‘unmanly' to think like a romantic.

That is sad, because there are a lot of manly men who are very romantic! It is not a sign of weakness for a man to enjoy the same romantic things that women do. It is a shame that men feel that way.

I have listed below some things that men find to be romantic gestures that women can do for them.

Things Men Find Romantic:

Compliments - Men like compliments just as much as a woman! Nothing sparks a man's attention faster than letting him know that you find him sexy, a good provider, a hard worker, creative, etc. Even just letting him know that he looks really good in those jeans is a boost!

Gifts - Men enjoy gifts as well. Although men are more practical so gifts such as a new sweatshirt to replace his old faded favorite one is a good suggestion. How about a new tool or a gift certificate to his favorite handy-man store or sporting goods store?

You, in his clothes - Men are hugely turned on by seeing their sweetheart wearing his favorite t-shirt or a button down white shirt. It's just a fact. Remember, men are visual!

Watching Movies Together - Watching comedy movies together is a great fun and a great way to connect. Laughter is a common thread among people and men love it when they can have a fun time with a woman. And even more so if she is willing to watch guy type movies. But not if she is going to be bored out of her mind or absolutely hate the movie. Find ones with common interest and you will capture his heart. Many men will even watch a good ‘chick flick' if its not total mush!

Creating Great Memories Together - Creating memories together with the things that you do together and then creating a photo album or memory box together is a very romantic gesture. Being able to pull out that album or box and reliving those fun memories is a great turn on to anyone. The time spent on putting them together also creates more memories and helps to connect you together.

Taking an Interest in His Hobbies - When a woman is willing to go to a car show or sporting event with her man, that is a tremendous romantic gesture. Especially if she also enjoys the same types of shows or sports. Bonding when doing similar interests is a great way to keep a relationship thriving. In turn he will take more of an interest in her hobbies and past times when she takes an interest in his.

Surprise Intimacy. Whether it's an unexpected kiss or an afternoon trip to the bedroom, men swoon when women say "Come here." We all know that sex is on the mind of men very often, and when his lover surprises him with a romantic intimate rendezvous that is all the better! Men love it when the woman is the aggressor at times!

Love Notes - Men may not always admit it, but many men say that they love getting love notes. Leaving them in places where he will find them during his hectic work day is fun. Tuck a note or love coupon in his shirt pocket or wallet. Men do not read our minds any more than we read theirs, so it is just as important to them to hear or read those 3 little words often!


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    • profile image

      Trying.. 7 years ago

      i am dating a man that is 9 years older than me, we have had our bad times, and our great times! he has been very romantic at times! well, while we were in the mid of a convorsations about communication i had mentioned to him that he was very seldom romantic anymore, he asked me, what have i done that was romantic? it hurt me more to hear that, because i felt that it was my fault that our romantics were falling. ive read numerous articles today, trying to find how i can be romantic, but not be too cheesey..? but to make sure he notices i did it for HIM.?

    • profile image

      Mururi Leah 7 years ago

      That's very true but some are just so plain that you cant even stick with them no matter how much you may have fallen for them,you end up telling them to forgive you because you no longer feel the way you once felt about them because you cant tolerate it anymore.

    • profile image

      Truth 7 years ago

      So basically you take a question like "Are Men Romantic?" and turn it into an article letting women know what romantic things they can do for their men?????? Men need to be taught to be romantic and hopefully will catch on as women model the romantic touches they are looking for??? In other words, they have to work for it. Excellent, insightful article.

    • profile image

      aisling 8 years ago

      my man is so romantic he always gets me flowers and i love it. he takes he for dinner every sunday and always tells me he loves me and he makes me feel so good about my self

    • profile image

      Neveen R. 9 years ago

      Men are more romantic than women.They hide in themselves a small baby that is in need for his mom..and ofcourse,u as the beloved,play the role of mom,sister,friend,wife and everything..

    • profile image

      HUH 9 years ago

      yeah now i am feeling completed HAHAH

    • profile image

      iLoveEddie 9 years ago

      yerh well there is this guy that i realy like called eddie, he always talks to me and flirts with e and stuff and comments on my myspace pics. but the thing is we only see each other for 20 mins a day in public coz he is in my roll call. but im to afraid to like ask him out to the movies or something incase he rejects me infront of every one.

    • MoralsEthics1960 profile image

      MoralsEthics1960 10 years ago from Florida

      I totally agree.I must of found the wrong one in the beginning and have accepted the one that i love and am married to now.You get comfortable after awhile and tired so you just sit down and rest awhile. Its not that I don't try all the above and more,but you can only butt your head into awall so many times.