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Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Updated on June 19, 2015
asscher cut diamond rings for engagement and weddings
asscher cut diamond rings for engagement and weddings

Diamond Engagement Rings are beautiful and stunning regardless of its variety. Depending on your purpose, Diamond Engagement rings are always valuable and sentimental. Diamond rings are mostly associated with weddings and engagements through out these years and there are so many types of beautiful and artistic diamond engagement rings and designs available now for these occasions.

Finding the perfect engagement ring to express your love for that special person in your life can be a daunting task. With so many styles, shapes and prices to choose from, selecting an engagement ring can feel like a big deal for the brides and grooms to select the most beautiful design for their love. An Engagement ring is a symbol of love that will stay forever between the couple and it reminds them of their wedding love.

Many people choose unique diamond cuts for their jewelry to add personality and individuality, and as such Asscher cut diamond rings are a fancy style that is rapidly gaining popularity as a sophisticated alternative to more traditional choices. Today, more and more couples are looking for alternatives to traditional diamond engagement rings and asscher cut diamonds are one of the best choice for them.

asscher cut diamond engagement rings
asscher cut diamond engagement rings
asscher cut engagement rings
asscher cut engagement rings
asscher diamond rings for weddings
asscher diamond rings for weddings
asscher diamond rings for engagement
asscher diamond rings for engagement
asscher cut diamond rings
asscher cut diamond rings
asscher cut diamond engagement rings
asscher cut diamond engagement rings

The Asscher cut diamond was created by the Asscher brothers of Amsterdam, Holland – renowned lapidaries responsible for cutting a number of exquisite gems. The Asscher stone has a distinctive shape like an octagon or more like a square with deeply trimmed corners. It is also called as square emerald cut, which is a modified form of cushion cut due to this square shape resemblance.

Cutting an Asscher stone is done in a series of parallel steps which creates a hall-of-mirrors effect when we look deeply into the stone. But these steps produce more internal refraction and diamond fire compared to the typical step cut stones like the radiant or the elongated emerald cut having only slightly trimmed corners.

Since this diamond is heavily patented by the Asscher brothers, each and every asscher cut diamond has a unique identification number and the insignia of the asscher family directly emblazoned on the girdle of the stone. But, these identifications are visible under high magnification only and hence the jeweler should show these signs to verify the authenticity of the asscher diamond while selling it to the buyers.

Most of the asscher stones use accent stones like trilliant, emerald or princess cuts to securely nestle the flat sides of the center stone. Due to this unique and unusual cut, the asscher diamond gets a beautiful shape making it a great choice as engagement ring even without adding any further embellishments because of its elegance.

From vintage rings to modern stones, an Asscher diamond makes a sophisticated statement about the bride’s individuality and personality, and the timeless cut is sure to remain an elegant gem for many years. With deeply angled corners and remarkable depth, Asscher cut engagement rings are stunningly beautiful alternatives to more traditional emerald or princess cut rings.

Because of their great exclusiveness and relative rarity, Asscher cut diamonds are not available at all jewellers. If you truly want an Asscher stone, it is best to visit several high-quality jewelers and inquire about the cut’s availability, as it may need to be specially ordered to get your custom made asscher cut diamond ring.


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    • diamond4you profile image


      6 years ago from los angeles,California

      This hub with full of information regarding a different types of diamond ring.Nice post.


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