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Attract a Relationship: Be Around Positive People

Updated on December 1, 2014

Are you in your late 20's and wondering why you are still single? Do you go out but all the guys you meet are frogs? Maybe there are some changes you need to make in order to be in a healthy relationship.

The first thing that you should do is stop going after the wrong guys. Some girls go for Mr. Right now instead of Mr. Right. They lower their standards or settle for second best. They think that they could make a player all of a sudden want commitment because they have seen movies. They do not want to be alone and are scared that they will be alone forever so they settle for Mr. Right now and miss out on getting treated right.

The second thing that you have to do is surround yourself around people who are in positive relationships. When you are around single people you will hear things such as "There are no good guys out there," "All guys cheat," "All guys will leave if a girl will not sleep with a guy within a month." All of these statements are damaging and can cause self-doubt which can lead to missing out on experiencing true love.

People who are in positive relationships will give you different advice than people who are in negative relationships. People in positive relationships will make you believe that there are good guys out there. They won't make you feel that you have to do things that you do not want to do in order to have love.

When you see happy couples you must not get jealous. It can be hard but do not get down on yourself and wonder why you cannot have it. You can have it, you just have to believe it. You have to smile and tell yourself if this person could experience true love you can too.

Do not put a time limit. There is not time limit when it comes to love. Just because you are single at this moment in time, does not mean that you will be like that forever. Do not compare your age and your relationship status to everyone around you. Everyone finds their true love at different points in your life. Some people find it earlier than others and some people find it later on in life. Just enjoy where you are now and know that you will meet that special someone.

Go to places where there are good guys. You cannot find a future husband at a cub at 2am on a Saturday night. Go to places where you can find guys who are looking more than just a hookup. Go to church, community service or coffee shops. You can even try going to bookstores.

Don't cross off a guy just because of his looks. Of course when you are young looks are important but when you get older, you see that looks are not everything. Just because a guy is good looking does not meant that he will treat you right.

When you start to go for a guy's personality you see they are cute. It is their personality that makes them even more attractive. Sometimes it is the guy who is the nerdy one that will be the best boyfriend and husband down the road.

Stop looking into everything. Don't make; money, sex and looks be everything. They are part of a relationship but not everything. The main thing in a relationship is the love and how two people treat each other. If you do not have someone respect and love you, you have nothing in life.

You can have the relationship of your dreams. You just have to make a few changes. When you are around people in happy and healthy relationships you will attract a happy and healthy relationship. When you are around people in bad relationships and are negative you will experience more lonely nights.

Love is out there and you can have it. You won't have it if you have the wrong frame of mind. Believe in yourself and you will meet the right guy. It is all about timing. You never now the love of your life will be just around the corner.


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