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Updated on July 25, 2009
Is is turning as toxic as B and Lil' J? (Gossip Girl)
Is is turning as toxic as B and Lil' J? (Gossip Girl)

Is your friendship turning toxic? Find out whether you should hold on to it or let go.


1. THE SITCH:Lately, a girl in your "group" has been so mean to you, insults you, and leaves you out of conversations. You have no idea why she's doing this and here meanness is starting to take its toll.

  • LET GO: Obviously this girl has a problem. You can choose to talk it out with her, but even if you do, maybe it's best to steer clear of her company. You may suffer from low self-esteem as a result of being with this girl, so it's better to hang out with people who are kind to you and who know how to treat you right.

2. THE SITCH:To your friend everything is a competition. She compares test scores, clothes, even boyfriends! She gloats when she "wins" and she "sulks" me she loses. She gets over it easily, but sometimes her competitiveness justs gets to you

  • HOLD ON: Everyone has their own little quirks. Obviously, this is your friend's. Maybe she's the type of person who is really competitive by nature. You shouldn't take it personally. Be patient with her - after all little friendly competition won't hurt.

3. THE SITCH: Your BFF is currently having problems with school, her family and her boyfriend. Her normally happy self has become dark and broody. You feel for her, you really do, but you can't help but be annoyed by how melodramatic she's being.

  • HOLD ON: Forget how much of a drama queen she's being. Instead, think of how you would react if things happen to you. You can't make her problems go away, but you sure can help by lending a shoulder to cry on or simply being there for her.

4. THE SITCH: Your friend is a freeloader. She comes to you for everything, from last night's homework answers, to today's lunch to tomorrow's ride home. She doesn't pay you back in any way, and you've already dropped hints on her behavior, but she doesn't seem to notice.

  • LET GO: You've got enough problems as it is. If your friend relies on you for everything, then maybe your friendship isn't as deep and meaningful as you wish it would be. Face it: this is a one-way street you're done walking.

5. THE SITCH: You've made friends with a girl outside your "group". The two of you really click, and you love hanging out with her. Problem is, she comes from a different group, and you don't think your friends will take to as well as you did.

  • HOLD ON: Making new friends doesn't mean you have to abandon your old friends. You can still hang out with this girl. Just make sure you have the time for your old friends or else they might feel jealous and spark a bigger battle.

6. THE SITCH: Since your friend started hanging out with new people her behavior has gone downhill. You're worried about her, and so are your teachers. You've spoken to her about this, but she won't just listen.

  • HOLD ON: Wake her up to how dangerous her new "friends" are for her. This maybe difficult since the whole "bad girl" thing is new and exciting for her, but give it some time. Pretty soon, she'll tire of the whole act and realize how wrong she was.


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