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Best Friends For [Never] Ever.

Updated on January 2, 2012

Have you ever had that best friend that it was always fun to hang out? You basically spent every waking moment you could together and never really seemed to get bored? Even if it meant walking around the store and looking at things? People knew that you were a package if ever asked to go somewhere, or you two were known to be attached to the hip? But was that best friend the same one that if you spent too much time apart, you felt they didn't care about you? No texts or calls for a while? Or that they were talking about you behind your back? Or even that they were hanging with someone else they found better than you, though still doing what you two would do? Was that the best friend that also would keep things from you, only because "they don't wanna see you hurt"? Let me ask one more thing, was this the best friend that, in your eyes, everyone else saw them to be the more attractive/fun/smart/interesting one?

What does one do with a friend like this? One decides to let the bad times be water under the bridge and just simply say, "They're my best friend, they know me, it's okay." Until finally something just sets you off. That involves them and someone who used to be special to you. You at first don't know what to do, so you play out the scenario about how to confront them, but it's not enough. You type a text message with what you want to say, but you feel you're saying too much or too little. So you just sit in your anxiety, and cry, thinking it'll never be solved. So you talk to everyone else who knows about the situation but them. You tell others "I don't know what to do" "I don't know who to believe" Until finally you cave to confront the other person, who's not your best friend. You get one side of the story, feel they are saying the truth and think your "best friend" is nothing but a fake. But then you go again to others who know about the situation, and suddenly they tell you something that brings you back to the "I don't know who to believe stage." You get to the point of being so infuriated that just ending the friendship feels like you just stepped off the path of hot coals that were burning at your feet.

What we had will never be the same.
What we had will never be the same.

I will introduce two people. Belle and Ariel. These two girls seemed to be the perfect friendship, enough to where people would say "I want a bond like yours." Belle was only a few years older than Ariel, and Belle felt herself to be Ariel's support in anything. Belle felt like this was the greatest friendship she ever had, she was able to have fun with Ariel, she able to tell her anything. and Ariel was even her gateway to new experiences. But Ariel only seemed 50% dedicated to the friendship, so Belle felt most of the time. But Belle had a hard time having her own best friend, that was solely hers. Jealousy always got the best to Belle, and it was jealousy every which way. Belle felt Ariel to be the more popular of the two, the more prettier one, the more exciting one, the one that everyone wanted as a friend. Belle found herself to be plain, average, insecure and odd. But by just having Ariel's attention, she felt better knowing she had Ariel's attention than other people did.

Since Belle was older, she found herself to be more mature than Ariel, she felt she handled things better than Ariel. Even if it was a relationship, giving advice or being someone else' shoulder to cry on. I personally think I'm not good at skipping time from one story to another, but let us say it was a new year, and Belle's New Year was slightly destroyed by Ariel's once old lover, Brian, telling Belle that Ariel slept with Johnny...Belle's once love. Belle was in distraught, she cried...she didn't know what to do. Brian had made Belle swear she wouldn't say anything, but it was killing her if she didn't find out anything. So, Belle went to the other source of the sudden tragedy, Johnny. Belle spoke to Johnny, and felt he was telling the truth, but just that wasn't enough. She asked Brian if he saw any evidence, and Brian said he did, telling Belle what it was. Belle still didn't find it enough. There was no evidence for her to look at, and so with that, she felt to end the tragedy by closing the friendship. Leaving old good memories in a box, and letting all bad linger in her mind.


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