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Bad Mood Swing due to pms, teen hormones, menopause etc– What you should say to Others

Updated on February 3, 2015
Got the blues?
Got the blues? | Source

Bad Mood Swings can occur out of the blue

Anyone can be affected - some more often than others unfortunately.

You either wake up in a foul mood, or at some point during the day find you have undergone a bad mood swing for no apparent reason. Even if you are aware of the reason, you simply want to shut down, keep yourself to yourself and not be unduly bothered by other people.

However, daily life must go on. The trouble is, when we are in a bad mood, people we normally enjoy spending time with can seem irritating and exasperating. Moreover, the people who are not on our list of favourites can be absolutely insufferable!

Be mindful that a bad mood swing affects how you respond to other people. When you are in a foul mood, you are more likely to snap, withdraw and/or become argumentative and you may not be aware of it at the time. Sulking, ignoring, or being unavailable for no apparent reason can have long term negative effects on your relationships with others if it is repeated on a regular basis.

Be self aware and conscious that it is you who is in a bad mood, and you are basically over-reacting to normal behaviour on the part of others. If you don’t appreciate this, you risk upsetting and alienating people.

Spare a thought for those around you

Furthermore, it’s vital to recognise the advantages of having the good grace to admit that you’ve undergone a bad mood swing to those around you. For sure your nearest and dearest will particularly welcome your acknowledgement, for then they will know not to so easily take offense or waste time trying to second guess what they may have done to offend you.

If you are frequently in a bad mood, people will find you troublesome to deal with and feel uncomfortable to be around you. They may seek the company of others and not be so available in the future, electing not to spend time with you if you do not have the sensitivity to think of other people’s feelings as well as your own.


Letting people know your State of Mind

You don’t have to make a big deal of it. Simply say something like “I’m afraid I’m not in the best of moods today so do please excuse me if I’m quieter or more testy than normal.” It’s thoughtful to add “It’s nothing personal and it’ll blow over soon enough if you can bear with me.”

Now really, would it hurt to acknowledge your crankiness? Or would you rather have people feeling puzzled by your sudden moodiness, constantly wondering if they have done something to offend you and trying to placate you. (If yes, it may be you are somewhat of a passive aggressive type but that’s a whole different ballgame!).

Don’t sour the mood for everybody

Don’t be the type of person who isn’t happy until everyone else around them is in a bad mood too! Don’t be a killjoy - just confess to your poor disposition and let others get on with their day as is.

Do you forewarn people that you are in a bad mood?

Your experiences on how you cope with moodswings are very welcome below but you'll need to sign up first.

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