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Bad Thoughts, Thinking, and Visions

Updated on February 7, 2011

Have you ever felt your on the wrong end of the silver spoon? By means of, Its not in your mouth, your the one putting the spoon into someone else's mouth. That's nothing more than poetic, yet selfish words for "Other people have it better than you". It could be the world, a group of people, your own family, or just one sole person. You could feel this way because of an object such as money, or it could be more personal such as having to in or of yourself (possibly self-image, an illness, how your life turned out, ect.). It could even be for not doing something someone else did, or others have done in their lives that you may never or will never accomplish. This of course can cover every aspect from not finishing school to not being famous or rich. We all deal with this from time to time. For most men it has to do with money and for most woman it has to do with self-image. Although those are what effect each sex the most, it by no means, means women can't be bothered by money or men can't have poor self-image. Chances are, however, most of these thoughts seed from poor self-image. Crazy as that may sound, the way we think of ourselves effects the way we think of others. Are you following?
Poor self-esteem = Poor out look on life (in general), people, situations, ect.
Now, while we all deal with this, sometimes on a daily basis, it effects us all differently. Some people who have poor image will hide it and show no signs of something or someone bothering them. While others may immediately shut down at the thought or even explode in rage. A good way to category this is implosive thoughts and explosive thoughts.
implosive thoughts are the ones that bother us for mere seconds or minutes and we completely forget we even had the thought soon as it passes. This can be brought on by a word, a name, a situation or image.
explosive thoughts are ones that linger and can last hours, days, or for some people a good portion of one's life. They can be brought on by something having to do with the initial issue we are having. This one being the worse of two evils ,in ways that it can cause addictions or "escapes" from real life (drugs, alcohol, food, ect.), excessive anger, depression, selfishness, or even having no longing for life in general.
Both kinds of thinking or thought patterns can effect our day to day life immensely. I will give an example that many women and young girls face.
::: A woman views, on average, 8-10 hours of television a week, 9 out of 10 woman standing in line at grocery store glance, stare or even read the magazines that await us all at check out, and women listen to music and read books having to do with love, sex, image, ect. While some women may not realize it or be effected by it greatly, most are. This "it" i am referring to is "self-engravement". Women watch tv that shows beautiful, young looking, physically fit women with attractive guys, money, happiness and dare I say... GOOD sex?(ON A SIDE NOTE:: The sex they show on tv, in movies, ect. can be achieved and... ITS CALLED MARRIAGE! And no, I don't mean your sex will get better once your married, chances are it will get worse BECAUSE God designed sex to be with ONE person in MARRIAGE... TILL DEATH DO YOU PART! It is, after all a union of two bodies becoming one under God. If more women and YES even MEN realized this they would all WAIT and WANT to be married.)TV then shows commercials of anti-age this, weight loss that, eat this, buy this, wear that, do this, don't do that, blah, BLAH, BLAH!!!! This causes woman to then look at what's wrong with themselves. Thoughts emerge and self-esteem leaves for a vacation to Guatemala and took your strength, brains and self-worth with it! The thoughts get cozy and you begin to hear...
"I'm to fat."  "I'm to old."  "I need -BLAH- so I can be beautiful."  "I wish I had style"  "My boobs are to small."  "My boobs are to big."  "Why can't I be taller?"  "Why can't I be shorter?"
And blah... Blah... BLAH!! (I'm sure you get the point)
They then feel bad, want to change things about themselves, and this is called... SELF-ENGRAVEMENT which leads to... POOR SELF-IMAGE or POOR SELF-ESTEEM.
They THEN begin to want what other woman have (WHICH IS A NO! NO! IN GOD'S EYES) and start to feel as though these women are better then them. One of two things will come from this...
implosive thinking ... It will be gone in minutes
explosive thinking ... Yeah, your self-esteems in Guatemala and HEY! She wrote you! She said she's getting married and bought a house!
One major problem with both types of thoughts is that they both can cause you to judge. They will cause you to judge yourself, judge others, or BOTH! This can lead to hateful and even mean thoughts about others you know or even people you don't!  A FANTASTIC example is...
---------A woman with her husband walks past another woman with a small skirt, small top, and her chest is big and showing. Not paying attention to anything other then her chest, the woman says "What a whore!"  "She needs to cover up!"  "Can she possible wear smaller clothes!?"  The man, not paying attention to anything other then her chest THINKS: "Nice boobs." and soon as the woman passes he's already forgotten them. Want know what the wife was thinking??? "I wish my boobs were that big."  " I wish I had her figure." and it may eventually lead to.. "I wish I was her then
maybe I would get my husbands attention". OBVIOUSLY reading this, we know that the woman in the skimpy clothing didn't catch his attention, her chest did. I may add for only mere seconds. He didn't care to know her, or even look at her face. Men are visual and for some reason they like boobs. So, that whole thought was for nothing and the wife is left feeling foolish. Yet they both should because that woman with the nice figure and big chest... WAS A MAN!
No, that wasn't a joke, well the last sentence was (LOL), I just wrote something that happens everyday. So because of that woman's bad self-image of herself, she called a woman she didn't even know, a whore. She judged a woman she will probly NEVER see again.
Do you understand what I mean by thoughts of ourselves effect how we look at others?
Now, while most thoughts can be controlled, some can not. Some thoughts eat at us and we can't shake them and feel miserable. If its something that you can't have (such as different genetics or someone else's life) my advice is to avoid things that set these thoughts off. Such as TV, music, or even people. Not only will you feel better but you won't be judging yourself or others so harshly. Yes, something's are unavoidable. Sometimes you have no control of what's put in front of you or prior knowledge to what's to come. In this, I say, that you ask yourself...
What REALLY bothers you about YOU. What is causing you to think this of this person(s) or object(s). If you search your soul, you may be surprised with what you find. Try asking God to help you understand yourself better. There is a reason for everything and an answer. Just remember that sometimes we are not yet ready to understand the reason or know the answer and in do time God will show you!


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    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I never said God had anything to do with mentality or maturity. I said, tword to end to ask God for help, but that's about it. I'm not sure where your got that from. I based this on people who I knew to have problems with self-image. I am not a "doctor" or a scientist, I am simply someone writing to help others. You have every right to your opinion! Thanks for the comment :)

    • mypleasurefantasy profile image

      Angel Whisenant 

      8 years ago from Virginia Beach

      I have to disagree wholly on your hub. I don't know where you got your facts from...or if this is just something on more of a vent on what you have gone through...but GOD has nothing to do with a person's mentality and maturity when it comes to self-esteem and self worth. Sorry but that's my two cents


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